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Your irresistible desire makes you My mesmerized sex toy desperately wanting to masturbate to My Voice and for Me. YES!


I sent forth My CYBERSORCERESS to beguile you and to capture you. you will follow all My posthypnotic suggestions. Watch Me passionately massaging My breasts. You will be trance-fixed!


A wantonly wicked web in which you shall see Me in black satin gloves and black silk stockings in a gothic style very low cut dress capturing and spellbinding you.


My 3 dreamy dancers alluringly move you soporifically into sleepier sleepiness. I make My hypno-tantalized pet yearn to please Me and masturbate


You crave My programming as Marilyn hypnotizes you with her deliciously dreamy good looks and legs. Deep hypnotic sleep of total surrender to My will is inevitable and unavoidable.

The Call of Marquesa's Legs

I, powerful Hypno-Domina Mistress Marquesa, WILL spellbind you with My stunning legs into deeper and ever-deepening hypnotic control by Me.

Hypnotic Glove Spell

Yield to Mistress Marquesa’s hypno-spiral, and adore sexy Julie and what My talented Hypnotism does with and to you as you become more mindlessly Mine.


Sexy Lilith’s My BAIT. I entrance you into sexual SURRENDER!
Enjoy Lilith’s decadent topless dancing, hedonistic hands, and mind-blowing mouth intimately Massages you. Postwonderific sensual suggestions make you My prize catch !

Be a Good Neighbor

Drawn to two irresistible beauties. Sexy blonde and brunette in bikini’s wonderize, and seduce you. Pleasures and suggestive postwonderific commands make you Mine!

Cigar Sensual Tease

Watch sexy PVC dressed alluring amazon Julie! Blonde Julie sensually lights your passions by seductively enjoying Her mystical, magical cigar. Sexy masturbation companions arouse My potent entrancing suggestions.

Control Box

Mistress Genevieve has an electrical control box that controls you in all ways!
Entrancing control AROUSES you…. Fantasy magical beauties kiss, tend, seduce you! Self-pleasuring and postwonderific commands stimulate you serving Me.

Cuckold Hypnotic Spell

Watch flashing X-rated sirens sexy images seduce you.
Admit you crave Me to trance-form you into My cuckold slave!
I sexually possess you as you LOOK, LISTEN, AND OBEY!


Repeated pleasures from: An erotic hott!-spiral filled with feminine beauties… A busty and beguiling blonde helps Me seduce you! Hear My mesmerizing words become familiar and fascinating.

HypnoDom Playmate Pleasures

Sexy Me and Julie chatting and getting you UP. Sensuous babes photos keep entrancing you hot! A hott!-spiral, relaxing waters, and obeying My suggestive commands enhance masturbation.


Investigators have lots of strategies and techniques for getting the information they desire. Well slaaaveboy, so do I.

Hypnotic LEGS, EYES and MORE

you will forget….And feel you have lost track of time while watching My decadence dancer within the wonderizing spiral. I see you’re looking at my legs… do realize that if you keep looking at Myyy legs… they’ll send you back to sleeeep!

Hypnotic Pleasures and Pain

BDSM play and pain.
Me and My wicked whip.
Statuesque. sexy as hell Julie and her leather paddle fire up your passions.
I wear thigh high, stiletto-heeled, dangerously pointed-toed leather boots.
I hott!-command your nipple play and more!

37 Minutes, 283 Meg

Inescapable Enslavement

Behold My shapely legs in sensuous sheer stockings entrance you. Inescapable Enslavement turns you into My eternal love slave and pleasures arouse you!

31 Minutes, 222 Megabytes

L' Hypnotique Servage

Watch My eyes and spiral. Hear My history and hott!-commands to serve Me. Julie in lacy lingerie stimulates your pleasuring Me. In fishnets and boots, hot! Genevieve sensuously smokes. More thrills await! 34 Minutes, 261 Meg (for BOTH Julie AND Genevieve!)

Look Listen Obey

Revel in levitation and masturbation.Exquisitely enjoy sensual surrender to My flashing lights trigger…LOOK, LISTEN & OBEY! 39 Minutes (mpg video format)

Lust, Legs and Loyalty

Thanks to your unstoppable LUST!, a topless hottie’s hypno-hooters and My simply irresistible LEGS thrilling you spellbound, My wicked dreams of your LOYALTY to Me comes true! 36 Mins, 500 Megs

Pussy Power Persuades You

Eavesdrop on sexy sirens sounds mesmerize you. Watch as Pussy Power spirals you down under My control. Post Entrancing wantonness commands you to do what you have yearned to do! 28 Minutes, 291 Megabytes

Titillations and Tribute

See exotic, curvy, young Thalia! Watch My sexy eyes, legs, and breasts. Entrancing commands compel you to give Me money and gifts. I successfully arouse you to make more money about 4 Minutes, 30 Meg

Entrancing Sensations

I hott!-compel fun-loving, hot! blonde Madison Monroe to seduce you. A see-through black chiffon baby doll nightie, well-developing your senses , and masturbating enhance My entrancing you! 31+ minutes, 242 Meg

Leading You On

ONE OF THE MOST PLEASURE-FILLED encounters we EVER HAD AND THE MOST pleasurably PAINFUL. pictures of Goddess MARQUESA & A NEW trigger word! 34 Minutes, 130 Meg

Cross-Dressed To Serve Marquesa

Cross-dressers SERVE AND SATISFY YOUR MISTRESS… Enjoy what you’ll see, hear, do, and feel….likes it you!

Arousing Sounds

I take “you down” into deeper hypnotic surrender and then further still!… Tonight is our night for Sound – I strike My tuning fork . . . GIVING WONDERFULLY INTENSE SENSATIONS. Length 22:44 552 Mb

Little Man Lost

There are things you do not understand about women. I’ll help you… Now, I saw you looking at Me closely when I came into the room….56 Minutes, 201 Megabytes

Goddess Marquesa's Captivators

+ Behold! beautiful brunette Veronica recruit knockout blonde Marilyn intimately into Goddess Marquesa’s Captivators Corps.
Veronica and Marilyn–two dazzling decadence draftees tantalizingly tease you; and Marilyn’s titillating tits massage you.

Surrender to Marquesa's Legs

See My sheer pantyhose-embraced luscious legs… Obey My post entrancing suggestions arousing your passionate pleasures. All you see, feel & do sensuously stimulates your ” SURRENDER TO MARQUESA’S LEGS”. 34+ Minutes, 508 Megabytes .

Marquesa's Sensual Enslavement

MARQUESA’S SENSUAL ENTHRALLMENT is an inescapable truth and a voluptuously virile video with luxurious legs you know you should succumb, entrancing surrender, and submit TO! 35+ Minutes

Marquesa's Dazzling Legs

See My sexy legs. Watch Me turn on sultry Mistress Genevieve. . Virtually caress shapely legs. Self-pleasuring arouses obeying commands about hotty! women and more! 45 Minutes, 344 Meg

Three Mesmerizing Mistresses

See and feel Beautiful Hott!-Mistresses enthrall you! Virtually watch long-haired, stunning blondes pleasurably arouse you. A hott!-spiral and My suggestive commands arouse your obedience. 33 Minutes, 252 Megabytes

Total Submission, Total Surrender

Behold My sexy spiral and silky stockinged shapely legs. My slave! after your TOTAL SUBMISSION AND TOTAL SURRENDER to My entrancing programming, I’ll send you into IRRESISTIBLE, DEEP sleep as My voluptuous voice ensorcels you. Obeying Me enhances pleasures, passions, and more! 33 Minutes, 257 Meg

Legs Unleashed

Sensuously mesmerized Mistress Julie focuses on My gorgeous LEGS!
Behold Julie beguile you with Her sexy legs. Tantalizing Kimmy’s legs and My commands arouse your self-pleasuring. 30 Minutes, 227 Meg

Mystic Sofia

Gaze upon My tempting LEGS as I HOTT!-DOMINATE you. When you get an eyeful of what My wand magically does for My MYSTIC LEGS, at last you’ll SEE! HEAR! FEEL! & KNOW! all your lucid dreams of admiring My luscious legs have come true to life! 214 Meg, 28 minutes

Between Two Turnons

Julie’s and My voluptuous breasts entrance you! Mistress Mariah’s sexy legs in sheer nylons seduce you. Virtually mouth massage My breasts and legs. A crystal ball and obey suggestive post entrancing commands. 30 Minutes, 234 Meg

One Eyed Snake Charmer

stare into My bewitching breasts until I command you to Sleep! My pendant like a woman’s pleasure palace power. My sexy hott!-HONEY fingering that BIG candle. you WILL obey one-eyed snake Charmer Mistress Marquesa. 27+ Minutes, 212 Meg


MARQUESA’S SENSUAL ENTHRALLMENT is an inescapable truth and a voluptuously virile video with luxurious legs you know you should succumb, entrancing surrender, and submit TO! 35+ Minutes


AROMANTIQUE Reveals beautiful women’s fetching feet turn you on. Entrancing coupling sexy shoes leather with a bewitching beauty’s passionate pheromones.
Tantalize your senses in AROMANTIQUE pleasures! 20+ Minutes, 157 Meg

Dangling Domination Pendant

Watch My pretty entrancing pendant. Gaze at My titillating breasts…. My voluptuous voice compels your submission to Me! 6+ Minutes and I spellbind you. 2 Meg

Cashier Seduction

A sensual entrancing-induced financially dominate you. Entranced Julie in sexy lingerie massages My shapely LEGS. Julie’s mouth and My fingers virtually pleasure you. Post entrancing commands enRICH you! 30 Minutes, 231 Meg

Leg Witches

Close-up see My bewitching legs in sheer stockings and black, spike heels. Swirling circles and a hott!-spotlight intimately focus you on Me. My sensuous commands induce magical fantasies. >29 Minutes, 221 Megabytes

Lunar Lust

Moonstone pendant and hott!-spiral entrance you. Sexy Moon Goddess and My sensuous voice enthrall you. Lust for My Moon Goddess and Me attracting your arousal. 29 Minutes, 224 Meg

Midnight Milking

Three witching hourglass-figured sexy temptresses sensuously seduce you in three tantalizingly titillating ways to wantonness. I mesmerize you into passionately pumping out creamy pleasures. 19+ Minutes, 149 Meg

Mystic Legs

Gaze upon My tempting LEGS as I HOTT!-DOMINATE you. When you get an eyeful of what My wand magically does for My <b>MYSTIC LEGS</b>, at last you’ll SEE! HEAR! FEEL! & KNOW! all your lucid dreams of admiring My luscious legs have come true to life! 214 Meg, 28 minutes

Simply Irresistible

SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE!!!That’s your second brain thinking about each of the 3 sexiest girls you’ve ever seen as you HYPNOTIC SURRENDER to us. 3 seductresses self-pleasuring, luscious breasts, hot buns.30 minutes, 230 Meg.


Flashing entrancing and provocative pendant. Amazon Julie and Gorgeous Genevieve. Masturbation, fantasizing, lovemaking, and more than deep entrancing thrills you obey My suggestive commands. 39+ Minutes, 307 Meg

The Image (Televised Entrancing Enslavement)

Seductress in black latex corset and thigh high boots. A green light and fishnets reel you into her shapely legs. My breasts, entrancing and virtual oral pleasuring Me makes obeying Me and traffic lights more fun! 28+ Minutes, 211 Meg

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