For lack of a better word I call these “fetishes,” which is what the humdrum vanilla world calls them. In reality these are sexy, HOT!!! playgrounds. Each one is a universe of pleasure that I have explored very boldly, and through which I, the Mistress Goddess Marquesa, can lead you as your Guide. Whether in My recorded trances, in My postings or during a phone session with Me, these are just some of the sexy sensual realms in which You can sample My Superior Power…

Erotic Hyponosis


To call this a “fetish” is like calling intercourse a “sexual activity.” Those who know, know there is NOTHING sexier than hypnosis. Hypnotizing others is not just My life’s work, it is My life’s fulfillment. Each recorded trance or phone session is like a banquet for Me, where I get to feast on new and wondrous delights. And when I penetrate your consciousness it will be like nothing you have ever experienced. The most exquisitely sensitive erogenous zones are in the mind. I know how to find them all, and just how to stroke them to bring U/us both to heights of pure ecstasy.

Control (Brainwashing & Programming)


You have felt it since you first became sexually aware: you need to be controlled, you crave manipulation. Society expects men to take charge, to be dominant, but that leaves you cold. Being in a Woman’s power, having Her use your desire the way a puppeteer uses strings, is what you have always yearned for. Nothing would be as liberating as being enslaved by a Beautiful, Powerful Woman. If only you could find a Woman who is as turned on by controlling men as you are by the mere thought of being controlled! Well look no further, pet. Here I am. Nothing makes Me as wet as having a man under my complete control. And it is a simple matter for Me to use My hypnotic skills (and the sound of My voice)  to turn you into my ever-yearning, ever-evolving pleasure puppet. Whether You surrender to Me virtually through the medium of recorded trance or in person over the phone, You will love every minute of it…and so will I.

Foot Fetish


What is it about a Woman’s feet that is SO spellbinding? The intricate shape? The gorgeous motion? The texture? The taste? The smell? The symbolism of power and submission? All of the above? The answer doesn’t matter. W/we both know that there is a kind of sex-magic that ONLY a Woman’s feet can produce. You ache to grovel at My feet. To kiss them. Fondle them. Worship them. Nothing turns you on more. Through the power of trance, all of that is possible, pet.  Even from a thousand miles away, with hypnosis I can put You right at My feet…where You belong. And I will LOVE making you beg, whine, grovel, and moan. My feet desire your attention. Once I am inside your mind I will enjoy teaching you how to service My feet as much as you will enjoy learning and obeying.



Oh, she was so HOT. That girl in high school who wore a leather jacket or leather boots.  Or that Dominatrix who wore a leather corset as she trained her slaves. You’ve always wondered: Did she LOVE the feel of the leather against her skin? Did she feel powerful when she dressed that way? I am here to tell you, pet: she DID. I DO. I love the look, smell and feel of leather even more than you do.  Whether I am lacing myself up in a soft chamois corset or wrapping you in rawhide, I know exactly how to use leather clothes and toys to drive you WILD with passion. You may think you have experienced everything leather can make you feel, but with hypnosis I can bring you to places you’ve never dreamed of. “It takes one to know one,” they say. Well I am a Leather-Lover, so I know how to use leather to drive a man insane.



The sight of a Woman’s tits makes you delirious. The gorgeous valley of Her cleavage. The round swelling of Her nipples. The soft mounds of her boobs. The chance to even look at a Woman’s breasts, much less touch them, is enough to drive you to your knees. I know just what to do with you, and I have everything I need to do it. I know it as well as you: My breasts are fabulous!  I LOVE it when a man goes ga-ga for My gazongas. I enjoy having this lush body as much as you enjoy yearning for it. With hypnosis I can put You anywhere I want….snuggled in the warm cleft between my ta-tas, My tits or hovering inches from My nipple, your lips puckering in desperate need. What I do to you with my bewitching big breasts will look and sound like torturous teasing  but it will feel like paradise….for both of U/us.



Latex is to fabric what diamonds are to rocks. Nothing looks like latex, nothing moves like latex, nothing feels like latex. If “clothes make the man,” then latex makes a man or a Woman combustible. I have discovered myriad ways to bring latex into the erotic play of hypnotic trance. With suggestion I can make You see, hear, and feel every squeaky, slick, sexy moment of a passionate encounter just as I do when I am suited up. If You are calling Me or using one of My recordings You are well advised to wear actual latex, if only because the copious drool will stain other materials.

Legs! Legs! Legs!


The sight of a beautiful pair of legs makes you collapse like a house of cards. There is nothing you can do to control it: the curve of a Woman’s calf, the slope of Her inner thigh- they work on your central nervous system like a euphoric drug. And let’s face it, you’ve never seen a pair of legs more beautiful than Mine. I have been reducing grown men to gibbering babies just by walking past them in high heels since I was sixteen years old, and IT NEVER GETS BORING. I love tormenting men with My legs so much that it is a theme I return to repeatedly in My hypnosis. Search “legs” in My trance store and see the rich selection both Krystal Mesmer and I have created for your pleasure.  Or call Me and let Me bring You to that place of quivering need….Will I let You feel what it is like to kiss the dimple behind My knee? Ha ha ha ha ha…..



I love that you love My pussy. W/we agree: few things on earth are more powerful, few things must be served as well and kept as happy, as My Perfect Pussy. Vanilla women might find your pussy obsession irritating (or at least might feel they must at least pretend to), but I relish it. I know the thoughts that go through your mind. What does my pussy look like? Feel like? Taste like? What makes it wet? In trance I can fix My Pussy in your mind’s eye so that it will never leave. I am a Mistress of the arts of Pussy Power, no one can make you feel what it is to live in worship of a Woman’s divine Pussy like Goddess Marquesa



You are a certain kind of submissive man. What turns you on most is making a Superior Woman happy: you need this relationship to be about Me, about how wonderful I am, how much My beauty moves you, and how much you adore Me. You might wonder, do the feelings of yearning and love I inspire in you please Me? THEY DO. I LOVE BEING ADORED. I have none of the false humility or narrow insecurity you have encountered in other women. I KNOW I AM DIVINE. If a man can’t control how much he loves Me, that doesn’t make him weak in My eyes, it makes him a “keeper.” I adore ensnaring a man within the web of My hypnotic power, whether I am melting his heart or stiffening his cock (or better yet, both at once!). Is there really such a thing as a spell of eternal love? Many of my pets will swear that there is. Try one of My recorded trances and see if you agree. Or call Me, and let’s talk about how wonderful I am. That subject never gets old for Me. Come, pet. Enter My temple. I am ready to receive your worship…



Oh, the anticipation. The only thing more gratifying than sensual pleasure is being forced to WAIT for it. And nothing gives Me more satisfaction than playing with a man the way a Cat plays with a mouse. In My trance recordings or in hypnotic phone sessions, I am an expert at “brinkmanship,” I can keep a man on the edge of release for hours, even days. Come feel what it is like to tremble in the palm of a Goddess. Will I grant you release? Will I not? Either way, both of U/us are guaranteed ecstasy…



Nothing excites you quite as much as a Woman Who knows how to use Her cock, and I am just such a Goddess. I love it when a man surrenders his orifices to Me. I am a virtuoso of the “penetrating arts,” and through hypnosis I can make your mouth and your anus My instruments. Once I am inside your mind you will unpucker and submit to deep intrusion, allowing Me to probe you in ways that will make U/us both quiver with delight. Whether listening to one of My recordings or under My spell by phone, you will feel My shaft stretching and massaging as if I was hovering over or behind you….



You long for the woman within. You need a Mistress who will enter your mind, cage your masculinity, and unlock your feminine energy. I LOVE doing this to a man. Under My hypnotic sway you will experience what it feels like to wear frilly panties, be painted in lip gloss and rouge, and be encased in smooth hose and sexy shoes. By the age of nineteen I had transformed enough men into sweet gurls to start My own ballet troupe! LOL  Place yourself in My expert hands. Let Me mold you and mesmerize you. Sculpt you. Be My Pygmalion. It will makes U/us both VERY happy W/women….



Poets write odes to the Moon, but you are in constant thrall to the Moon here on earth. My gorgeous Ass haunts you day and night. The taut roundness of its shape, the graceful rolling motion when I walk, the way it jiggles just so……Mmmmm….you can’t get it out of your mind, and why would you even try? I LOVE enslaving a man with My ass. Forcing him to kneel before its Perfection. Hearing him beg to kiss it….lick it….be allowed to dream about it. During trance I can make you experience my Ass in a way the poets would envy. Would you like to feel its weight pressing down on your face, encasing you in a world made of My flesh? Go to My trance store or call Me for a personal session: O/our fant-Ass-y awaits….

Any list like this must be partial. Sexuality is as infinitely variable as life itself, there is no real end to the different kinds of pleasure W/we can discover together. Browse through My catalog of recorded trances, or call Me and see what I mean. As the Spider said to the fly: Come into My parlor, pet…
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