Hott!-DOM Playmate Pleasures

Sexy Me and Julie chatting and getting you UP. Sensuous babes photos keep entrancing you hot! A hott!-spiral, relaxing waters, and obeying My suggestive commands enhance masturbation.

37 Minutes, 244 Meg


Have you ever met a playmate? I doubt it! 🙂

Well, have I got a captivating HOTT! PLAYMATE for you to focus on.

Thanks to Mistress Julie and My Hott!-DOM Playmate Pleasures video you will experience thrills that’ll drive you right where I want you to be….. Mine.!

*Rest your ENSORCELLED eyes on your MASTURBATION COMPANION Mistress Julie. She has some things She’s gonna get off Her chest. And She’s My picture perfect BAIT for reeling you in.

*My WORDS OF SEDUCTION reveal how much of a turn-on pretty women’s photos are–like those in Mistress Julie’s gallery.

*A hott!-spiral and relaxing waters soothingly caress your DEEPER AND DEEPER HYPNOTIC SURRENDER to the INESCAPABLE TRUTH that you’re HYPNOTIQUE SLIP SLIDING INTO SLEEP.

*THE ENTRANCING EFFECT of My suggestions and your UNLEASHED DESIRE to obey My commands will have you LUCID DREAMING/VIVID FANTASIES, Inc. about Me, Mistress Julie, and more!

*Because of more of My post entrancing programming, you’ll self-pleasure to HOT pictures more vividly and vibrantly than ever before!

Oh yes, and here’s more stimulation.

Mistress Julie WILL SPEAK to you. No, you won’t be imagining things….unless I compel you to. 🙂 Make sure you listen to what Mistress Julie will say.

Two sensuous Women saying things to tantalize and train you and over 30 minutes long.

Ahh, more reasons why Hott!-Dom Playmate Pleasures is a must-have hott!-video!

37+ Minutes





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