Leg Witches

Close-up see My bewitching legs in sheer stockings and black, spike heels. Swirling circles and a hott!-spotlight intimately focus you on Me. My sensuous commands induce magical fantasies.

29 Minutes, 221 Megabytes


Maybe you missed the fun and games when I previously used LEG WITCHES to stimulate UNLEASHED DESIRE.

Perhaps you never enjoyed the pleasures of reveling in LEG WITCHES… one of My very first SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE  videos.

Cheer up, My pet, each of your excursions into My LEG WITCHES video is casting My even more potent spell again.

LEG WITCHES packs 29 minutes of mesmerizing you DEEPER AND DEEPER.

VISUALLY, I begin your entrancing by giving you an ETERNAL LOVE bird’s eye close-up focus on My mystic legs.

AUDIBLY, My fascinating voice overtakes your brain becomes DOMINATED BY MAGIC caressing and carrying you into pleasures-saturated mindlessness.

VIRTUALLY &/or ACTUALLY, once your attention is fixated on the most beautiful legs in Creation, you will succumb, surrender, and submit to the reality that your will is becoming weak and your eyes heavier and heavier. When you at last surrender to My spell, you become the secretary for a powerful, female executive. She invites you to a party where you are taught proper sexual behavior by a coven of the sexiest, long-legged witches to ever ride more than their brooms.

LEG WITCHES doesn’t stand on lots of special effects.

But! Don’t underestimate the LEG WITCHES video’s abilities to get you ENTHRALLED BY PLEASURE.

Transfixing you with My legsquisite gams in sheer stockings and midnight black, close-toed, spike heeled patent pumps is easy as snapping My fingers.

And….There’s a hott!-spotlight drawing your attention right where I want you craving to be!

In the second portion of My spell….beautiful blue, floating circles swirl gently overwhelming your mind’s eye.

I want many high-quality subbies keeping on track in their WORSHIP OF THE MARQUESA, and therefore you can get a hold of LEG WITCHES for MUCH LESS THAN ALL OF MY VIDEOS THAT ARE THIS LONG! ONLY $12.99

29 Minutes





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