The Call of Marquesa’s Legs

I, powerful Hypno-Domina Mistress Marquesa, WILL spellbind you with My stunning legs into deeper and ever-deepening hypnotic control by Me.

31 Minutes, 86 Megs


I, the Magnificent Mistress Marquesa, am a powerful Hypno-Domina.

Because I’m relaxnotizing you, I shall forever change you for the better.

Your beliefs and behaviors shall coincide and become in synch with what I wish.  And what I wish is for you to yield to Meeeeeee.

All women’s attractive legs are hypnotic charms I use to captivate you to and by and for Meeeeeee.

Sexy curvy seductive legs hypnotize.

My stunning legs WILL spellbind you into deeper and ever-deepening hypnotic control by Me.

You shall continually fall under the relaxnotic spells cast over you with my a variety of O! so smooth and shapely, sensuously silky images of My legs.

Beholding my sexy legs undeniably and unavoidably makes you feel sleeeeeeepier.

You are enraptured relentlessly and hypno-hedonistically mesmerized by My unforgettable legs alluring you intoxicatingly into sleepiness-suffused sensualities spells.

31 Minutes, 86 Megs

1 review for The Call of Marquesa’s Legs

  1. Annon

    From the first I was captivated by this recording.
    There is a certain phrase that hooks from the very beginning. I have never been able to consciously remember it, only the deep feeling of relaxation that it brings.
    Multiple views of Mistress Marquesa’s magnificent legs entrance the eyes and enlarge the ecstasy as you stare at the wonders. Movements slight and slightly arrhythmic hold the enraptured gaze as that soft, sultry voice whispers wild Witchery wisdom into the ears.
    I felt a growing compulsion to look out for more sexy legs over the course of my day-to-day activities after experiencing this recording, and every pair reminds me of my Mistress’ seduction.
    The sheer sight and mere mention of legs is enough to remind me of my Mistress in this recording. Each and every tantalising view of her legs inflames the desire to serve her and be bewitched by her.
    All the way until the end I was enthralled by the passionate pleasures promised by the legs of a powerful, dominant Hypno-dominatrix. By the end I wanted to give all of my secrets to her and her legs, for they owned me mind, body, soul and cock.
    I asked her what I could do for her after experiencing the journey of this recording, and she asked me to write a review.
    The Call of Marquesa’s Legs is irresistible to ignore.

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