Mystic Sofia

Mystic Sofia


Meet My Mesmerizing Maiden of Mystical Power… Sweet and Sensual Sofia recently discovered [during our training] that her ability to predict the future through her magic candle, was amazing…
But you don’t believe me, do you! A quick trip to Sofia’s is in order, to prove which one of us is correct. What you didn’t plan on are Sofia’s silky red gloves, and calfskin boots [your weakness], and a sneaky way to ‘enhance’ her skills beyond resistance… Enjoy this challenge, and enter her powerful presence…

Because this is one of My earlier video creations, its resolution is not as
high as is often found in more recently made videos.
The audio content of all My mesmerizing masterpieces is clear, crisp, and
ready for wonderifically hypnotizing you.
In My videos, I employ visuals to attract your eyes but the auditory
allurement is always my main focus of fascination.
In all My relaxation arousal [in recordings, by telephone, via Skype, and
more] My sultry, signature voice voluptuously entrances you to Me. 🙂



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