HYPNObation (Going Ultra Deep with Me)

Flashing entrancing and provocative pendant. Amazon Julie and Gorgeous Genevieve. Masturbation, fantasizing, lovemaking, and more than deep entrancing thrills you obey My suggestive commands.

39+ Minutes, 307 Meg


My HYPNObation video is SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE to and for you, because:

Along with My fascinating voice, here’s what else is ready to draw you into exquisitely reveling in this arousing FANTASY:

you will be captivated by Mistress Julie and Her eye-catching Entrancing enthralls you in a flash! flash! flash! …

LUCID DREAMING VIVID FANTASIES is only one thing you’ll enjoy after you HYPNOTIC SURRENDER to My provocative pendant.

And hurrah, Mistress Genevieve joins our fun and games at a very (ahim) CLIMACTIC! Moment in and momentum of our passionate play.

My HYPNObation video couples Ultra Deep Entrancement with very sensuous masturbation and fantasies of lovemaking.

Are you pleasurably masturbating or are we potently coming! Together?

39+ Minutes





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