L’ Hypnotique Servage (Entrancing Servitude)

Watch My eyes and spiral. Hear My history and hott!-commands to serve Me. Julie in lacy lingerie stimulates your pleasuring Me. In fishnets and boots, hot! Genevieve sensuously smokes. More thrills await!

34 Minutes, 261 Meg (for BOTH Julie AND Genevieve!)


L’Hypnotique Servage is one spellbinder you’ll love during, after, and every time you succumb, HYPNOTIC SURRENDER, and submit to Me casting spells of pleasure-pumping sensualities.

  • I arouse and amplify your COMPULSION and ability to get a great night’s sleep filled with you LUCID DREAMING VIVID FANTASIES.
    Next morning you’ll feel your world’s better than before.
  • Listen to and look into My eyes as I reveal how and why I transformed Myself into the trance-forming Entrancing Dominatrix you adore *coming* back for more of.
  • In her lacy, red bra and panties, you’re convinced Mistress Julie teases and pleases you while you start self-PLEASURING Me.
  • As you watch her smoking in her wicked boots and fishnet ENCHANTED NYLONS, hot-bodied Mistress Genevieve is eye-catching to your body, mind, and soul.
  • Gaze into My Emerald Eyes. When will I uncover your new relationship with My written or spoken WORDS OF SEDUCTION?
  • How often will you watch My hott!-swirl spin you DEEPER AND DEEPER into exciting ecstasy?

Oh yes, you’ll enjoy some deep breathing and muscle tightening exercises.

Have you ever experienced levitation? Yes, you will enjoy the wanton ways I DO IT!

Want to admit you crave more Entrancing Servitude to Me?

ASAP get L’Hypnotique Servage.

34 Minutes





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