AROMANTIQUE Reveals beautiful women’s fetching feet turn you on. Entrancing coupling sexy shoes leather with a bewitching beauty’s passionate pheromones. Tantalize your senses in AROMANTIQUE pleasures!

20+ Minutes, 157 Meg


AROMANTIQUE Reveals what Your Nose Knows

Now, take all the time you like and just relax and remember the succulent smell of one of your favorite foods. Inhale deeply. Just like you do when that tasty delicacy is sitting in front of you making your mouth water. Ahhhh!

Recall the fragrance of that perfume you can’t ever get enough of. Let the memories of all the good times you associate with that scent linger in your heart’s desires and soothed mind. Oh yes, indeed!

Are you aroused by aromas? Does a beautiful woman’s fetching feet turn you head over heels? Do both of these passions speak your lascivious language?

My AROMANTIQUE video was made to order for you. In AROMANTIQUE, we delectably explore a foot fan’s hunger. The scent of shoe leather is sensually combined in an irresistible elixir with a foxy girl’s pheromones.

AROMANTIQUE indulge your senses in the tantalizing romance only a pleasurable aroma gives you.

20 minutes long


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