Cross-Dressed To Serve Marquesa

Cross-dressers SERVE AND SATISFY YOUR MISTRESS… Enjoy what you’ll see, hear, do, and feel….likes it you!


Cross-dressing turns you on.

Enjoy what My voluptuous video hypno-hedonistically helps you see, hear, do, and feel what it’s really like to become programmed by My powers pervasively persuading you.

Thanks to the pleasurable potencies of what My voluptuously velveteen voice has decadently done to you in My other recordings

+ you see My male slave slut Marquesa-magnetized passion puppet in the uttermost, ultimatecross-dressing couture.Ready to service Me!

+ My prowess and hypnotic powers compel him to confess his ETERNAL LOVE and devotion for Me.

+ he yearns to be My slutty sex slave who yearns to worship My pussy.

+ he craves for Me to come and to permit him to perform sacrificial masturbation rituals in My honor.

+IMAGINE you in his place….. Yes!?! 🙂

* Remember Goddess Marquesa wants you to relax and revel in what drives you wild and right where I want you!
This video is an exquisite example of what you can experience under My glorious guidance.





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