Midnight Milking

Three witching hourglass-figured sexy temptresses sensuously seduce you in three tantalizingly titillating ways to wantonness. I mesmerize you into passionately pumping out creamy pleasures.

19+ Minutes, 149 Meg



“A milking we will go,

A milking we will go.

Come!! be our big bang O!

Milking you we will go.”

This temptress threesome may not be perfect poetesses but who cares! My MIDNIGHT MILKING maids have perfected 3 perfectly pleasing ways to intimately milk every last drop of passion from you!
Oh yes My pet, this sizzling nympho trio will lustfully lead you into ecstasy. Now do as I wish and surrender to My commands to arouse your most sensual desires.

My MIDNIGHT MILKING maids want to fulFILL your supercharger gas tanks to the brimming with studliness. And then you can enjoy the pleasures of them pumping up and squeezing out your most luscious and creamy liquid. As if you have a choice! 🙂

One babe for the moneymaker of a hand job. Number two for the showing you how hot and steamy her mouth magic really is. Girl three to get ready for her extra sensuous milk catcher.
I don’t know of any dairy farmers who would milk their cows at midnight. I do know any time of day or night you get your MIDNIGHT MILKING is a spellbinding time!

19+ minutes





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