Control Box

Mistress Genevieve has an electrical control box that controls you in all ways! Entrancing control AROUSES you…. Fantasy magical beauties kiss, tend, seduce you! Self-pleasuring and post entrancing commands stimulate you serving Me.

31 Minutes, 235 Meg


Enjoy watching Mistress Genevieve pleasurably play with Her powerful toy…and feel how great it feels when Genevieve sensually plays with Her even more desirable toy…!!… My pet..

Mistress Genevieve has an electrical control box that controls you in all ways.

The fantasy I’ll describe in this video is ever-increasingly sensuous and takes you to Xanadu!

After falling under skillfully woven spells cast by My bewitching vixens bodies, kisses and whispered words, you will fall into deep entrancing sleep and willingly be spirited away into the garden of Xanadu!

There you will be tended to by beauties whose lips and bodies were enthralled to seduce and enthrall you.

Ultimately, My Post Entrancement suggestions you’ll remember to obey, yet forget to remember….WILL arouse your pleasure, success-fully stimulating you and taking control over you.

Thanks to this video, reveling in your pumped-up passions and pleasures feels so delicious, it feels like you’re ever more devoted to delightfully decadent Me!

31 Minutes, 235 Meg


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