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Yule Goddess

Yule Goddess             Have you noticed your need for Me growing in recent days, pet? Of course you have. As the Winter Solstice approaches, you

Rubber Love – Catsuits & Gloves

Rubber Love – Catsuit & Gloves Rubber features numerous ways to turn on its adherents, as many as their imagination and creativity permit.  It runs

Latex and Rubber Fetish

         The Latex and Rubber Fetish fits hand in hand with Hypnosis like a nurse’s hand in a rubber surgical glove. And its sooo many wonderfully sensual qualities endow

Trancing You Into HYPNOSIS… (with My voice)

Trancing you into HYPNOSIS….(with My voice)  EYYE can dial it up annd down like the volume on MYY radio or TV…Yeeesss!!!…There is an indescribable quality to *MYYY Voyycce —

My Fair Slavegirl

       Lao Tzu teaches us that the masculine will always yield to the Feminine. As soon as they encounter Me, men can feel themselves being driven

Trancing into Hypnosis

This blog entry will be in parts.  As I am so inclined I will post additional entries. I am sure you will find all of

Miraculous Feet

My feet are irresistibly sexy. The drool My feet have inspired could irrigate the state of Texas for ten years. The cum spewed in worship

The Trance Shall Set You Free

The movie Office Space has a very funny premise, even if it offends My perspective as a professional Hypnotist. In one of the opening scenes,

My Fair Slaveboy

As a rule men are compelled to surrender to Me. I am too fascinating, too sexy to resist. When I focus My charm on a

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