Mystic Legs

Gaze upon My tempting LEGS as I HOTT!-DOMINATE you. When you get an eyeful of what My wand magically does for My MYSTIC LEGS, at last you’ll SEE! HEAR! FEEL! & KNOW! all your lucid dreams of admiring My luscious legs have come true to life!

214 Meg, 28 minutes



My leg loving pleasure pet, succumb by gazing upon My temptingly MYSTIC LEGS and be taken on a wild ride of your life into the winner’s circle of HEALTHY! HELPFUL! HYPNODOMINATION! by Me, Mistress Marquesa.

Being in first place at the end of a race’s final leg is what competitors desire.
Getting My MYSTIC LEGS video is the first-classy step to finally FULFILLING to overflowing your desires to BEHOLD MY TOP-DRAWER, SHAPELY GAMS.

Sorceresses and fairy godmothers often wave magic wands.
When you get an eyeful of what My wand magically does for My MYSTIC LEGS, at last you’ll SEE! HEAR! FEEL! & KNOW! all your lucid dreams of admiring My luscious legs have come true to life!

28 minutes




3 reviews for Mystic Legs

  1. Psmyth

    Mystic Legs has me dreaming (or is reality,)of being wrapped around Marquesa’s legs… bowed before Her. Kissing and worshiping Her legs and totally obedient to Her will. Thinking about Marquesa’s legs, after watching this video, causes me great joy and to become completely submissive to Marquesa’s Will. This video is dangerous to your free will, because it prompts one to become more obedient to Marquesa handing over your free will to Her (which what we all truly desire isn’t it?). It has become a desire to live out this fantasy, being under Marquesa Lovely Luscious Leg Lust Spell… i have had the pleasure of a personal visit with the Magnificent Marquesa and this video is second only to being in the Marvelously Magnificent One’s presence. Go out and watch this several times in a row and follow Marquesa’s Commands… It is the beginning of your New Life under Her Heels.
    Thank You Queen Marquesa for allowing me to own this creation!

  2. Pet B

    Just when you thought it was safe to be hypnotized online, when you thought you already knew the triggers and had developed some immunity to the all the cutout hypnodommes and their familiar tricks, along comes Mystic Legs to knock you for a mindbending loop. Internet veteran Goddess Marquesa, whose repertiore has grown from a few sweet but powerful audio inductions to a virtual empire of sight and sound, complete with a posse of hypnotic models, has released a stunning mixture of spooky suggestion and enthralling video of Her shapely, silken gams.
    Mystic Legs begins with a seemingly innocent relaxation induction, accompanied by a strangely compelling magic wand which She uses to trace and outline her lovely thighs and calves. Gradually your eyes become heavy, responding to Her suggestion, but it’s when they close that the magic really begins. You will be amazed at how deep you are; it’s like casually stepping down a hill and suddenly discovering that you’ve crashed to the bottom of a deep cavern. While Her voice has always been magnetic, it’s Her technique that has blossomed. After watching twice, I still can’t remember what She tells you to forget in the sleep sequence, but I was dimly aware that She was planting some mysterious, sexy triggers.
    When you are instructed to open your ensorcelled eyes, you find yourself staring hungrily at those lucious legs, but whereas they were previously stationary, they are now flexing and stretching, as Her hands torture you unmercifully by caressing the silken curves that you are begging to touch. The video resolution is only average, but the misty quality of the picture adds to the dreamlike aspect of the trance. When you are finally given a passport back to reality, you find that 28 minutes seemed like 5.
    Although I have never met Ms. Marquesa in person, I have a special affection for Her; She is that rare combination of dangerous, witchy sorceress and ethical, caring counselor, and I don’t get the sense that She would ever want to harm my relationship with God or family. In Her voice and image, you find the knockout teacher that scared and tempted you as a boy – but unlike some of the hypnodommes on the Web, this one truly wants you to graduate from Her class and succeed in life… just so you come back for more instruction when it suits Her.
    pet b

  3. K

    Dear Mistress Marquesa,

    A few comments from a client (slave?) if you’re interested. Your subs probably write and gush forth all kinds of things all the time. Maybe none of this is new from your exalted vantage point, but for what it’s worth here it is…. I really loved WONDERIFIC SURRENDER . The trance I experienced was pretty deep (at least for me). I intend to listen again and again. Hope you do more like it. I also loved LOST THOUGHT . I am hopelessly addicted to post wonderific suggestion and wonderific amnesia. I love it! Please, more. For years I’ve always fantasized about being wonderized by a female when I’m self-pleasuring or even when having sex with a girlfriend. Unfortunately I never found a woman who shared my interest in erotic wonderizm. Being influenced by Your enchantment has made me remember something. When I was 8 years old I got it into my head that girls should control boys, and I remember convincing the 7 year old girl next door to wonderize me. Not much really happened but I remember how exciting it felt. Strange thoughts for age eight. I don’t know where it came from. Maybe an old movie? Or, maybe I’m just one of those guys who is born this way. I think that I’ve been waiting for all these years to be mesmerized by a dominant female.

    I found MYSTIC LEGS to be compelling. I think I’m a hardwired leg slave and this spell really got to me. For some reason I’m getting very introspective these days. I’m coming to understand that wonderific domination, leg and panty fantasies, maybe some cross dressing has been in my mind a long time. I should have explored this earlier. I resisted to the detriment of my own happiness. Perhaps I was put off by the whole B+D scene with the pain and the leather. I always found mental bonds a lot more sexy than metal bonds and silk panties far more stimulating than leather. Maybe I was afraid of being regarded as being “unmanly” though I no longer have such worries. Whatever, I want to experience/explore these feelings. You really help the process of self discovery. Your ever increasingly submissive slave,


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