The Image (Televised Entrancing Enthrallment)

Seductress in black latex corset and thigh high boots. A green light and fishnets reel you into her shapely legs. My breasts, entrancement and virtual oral pleasuring Me makes obeying Me and traffic lights more fun!

28+ Minutes, 211 Meg


Each passion-pumping time you SURRENDER to the pleasures in THE IMAGE video, you help Me revel in one of My wickedest dreams come true! AND THIS IS IT….FOR ME AND you…read on….

I’ve so deeply enthralled a TV station’s chief engineer that he broadcasts a tantalizingly lustful video I well-built to enthrall all viewers.

🙂 you’ll watch Me deepen your SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE mesmerizing and arousals.

🙂 As My sensuous voice takes control, your eyes rest on slinky Mistress Genevieve because She’s dressed to seduce you in a black latex corset and black thigh high latex boots.

🙂 My hott!-assistant Mistress Genevieve’s mind’s eye-catching fishnet stockings reveal how firm and shapely Her MYSTIC LEGS are.

🙂 The green hott!-light Genevieve teasingly flashes to sensually show off Her LUXURIOUS LEGS come-hither curves makes you go sleepier, harder, and ever more entranced.

🙂 When I command, you’ll pleasure yourself and obey My post entrancing suggestions that’ll make yielding to Me each time you stop at a red traffic light more stimulating than ever!

🙂 We live out an ongoing fantasy encounter featuring you fantasizing about My BODACIOUS BOOBS and virtually giving Me (ahim) the best tongue-tantalizing PLEASURES PORTAL POWERS stimulation.

28+ Minutes





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