Lunar Lust

Moonstone pendant and hott!-spiral entrance you. Sexy Moon Goddess and My sensuous voice enthrall you. Lust for My Moon Goddess and Me attracting your arousal.

29 Minutes, 224 Meg


Folktales say werewolves are transformed by the light and powers of the full moon.

Within the powers of My LUNAR LUST video, gazing deep into the dark and light bands inside My MOONSTONE PENDANT transforms you into My drowsy thrall.

Some say sorceresses employ the influence of the moon to cast their spells.

As you intensely watch MY EYE-CATCHING SEXY MOON GODDESS UNVEILED it will be easy for My overwhelming influence to soon take sensual control of you in the almost 30 minutes of My LUNAR LUST video.

Legends declare vampires can only come forth during the times when the sun’s more romantic, nocturnal counterpart may be seen in the skies.

As you entrancing surrender more devotedly to Me in the sensualities summoned by My LUNAR LUST video, you shall COME!!! forth into amplified arousal!

The tides move in response to the moon’s attractive force…..

My velveteen voice and each alluring attraction in LUNAR LUST INCLUDING AN ENTRANCING HOTT!-SPIRAL move you decadently in your further fascinations with your submission to Me.

The millions of dollars dedicated to the Apollo space program successfully sent astronauts on a round trip from the Earth to the Moon. I can take your will and take you to the moon anytime I chose and you will feel like a million…when I am done with you. Slave boy!

29 Minutes



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