Bait – The Video

Sexy Lilith’s My BAIT. I entrance you into sexual SURRENDER! Enjoy Lilith’s decadent topless dancing, hedonistic hands, and mind-blowing mouth intimately Massages you. Post entrancing sensual suggestions make you My prize catch !

39 Minutes, 303 Meg


Fishing Fascination! Fun-for-ALL! of us!

As every adept angler knows, to catch what your fishing for–you gotta get your hands on the best BAIT.

The most beautiful girl in this club swiftly succumbs to your sensuous savoir-faire. Naturally, you’re thinking, “PARTY! time.”
Little do you know how lucky your gonna be ASAP, because lascivious Lilith is My BAIT!

Lilith easily reels you into coming inside My passion parlor. After you’ve taken the BAIT, you land on a comfy sofa sitting so seductively close to Me. While you and I get better acquainted, Lilith slithers into something even sexier than you hoped for. As Lilith gets in the mood for more adult fun and games, My SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE suggestions and you simply staring sooooooo sleepily into My harmless, little candle garden makes you fall head over heels into DEEPER AND DEEPER sexual HYPNOTIC SURRENDER! to your UNLEASHED DESIRE for Me and Lilith.

Enjoy Lilith My decadent dancing girl and sex-seeking succubus.

Her hands-on hott!-hedonism and mind-blowing mouth magical tongue tantalizations makes more than your mouth do much more than water!

Now *REALLY SEE!* Hear! Feel! our arousing passions grow.

Take the pleasure-pumping plunge into My stimulating {BRAND SPANKING NEW} VIDEO, BAIT! Dive into your king-sized school of hot-blooded satisfactions.
Now BAIT will stimulate your eyes, ears, and MORE AND My Post Entrancement suggestions will make you My prize catch of the dazE!

Freefall hook line and sinker for Lilith, for Me, and for BAIT.

NOTE- The audio portion of this video is exactly the same as the audio version of BAIT.

39 Minutes, 303 Meg


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