Deja Vu

Repeated pleasures from: An erotic hott!-spiral filled with feminine beauties… A busty and beguiling blonde helps Me seduce you! Hear My mesmerizing words become familiar and fascinating.

22+ Minutes, 172 Meg


you’ve Never REVELed IN DJ? VU like this REVEALING VIDEO!

Have you ever gone somewhere you’ve never been or met some-BODY new and had the feeling you’ve been there or known them before?
Have you ever felt as if…”you heard those memserizing words…before? 🙂

That’s called deja vu.

Each time you Entrancing Surrender to your copy of My DEJA VU video you will experience a hott!-spiral of erotic fascination filled with BEAUTIFUL FEMININITY and arousing visual delights.

DEJA VU also brings to you the image of a bewitching blonde who shall aid Me in seducing you down ever deeper into sweet Entrancing Surrenderrr.

Some folks believe, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
Now picture My spiral mesmerising your attention focused on the sensuous images awaiting in DEJA VU.
The pleasures that can be all yours whenever you crave them, may compel you to say more than a thousand words of praise for DJ? VU and Moi too! 🙂

22+ Minutes


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