Hypnotic Glove Spell

Yield to Mistress Marquesa’s hypno-spiral, and adore sexy Julie and what My talented Hypnotism does with and to you as you become more mindlessly Mine.

29 Minutes, 640 Megs


Yield to Mistress Marquesa’s hypno-spiral?.

+ And you shall adore sexy Julie and what I have My tantalization talented Hypnotic do with and to you will have you become more mindlessly Mine.

+ Drop dead smoking hot Julie’s opera-length gloves captivate your dreamy eyes and virtually, imaginatively, salaciously stroke you right where I want you?..

More compliant to Goddess Marquesa Controlling you!

+ Black satin corset-clad beauty Julie’s inviting eyes and My signature, sultry, spellbinding, velveteen voice voluptuously ensorcell you into My enthrallments enticing you.

+ Fall under Goddess Marquesa’s hypno-glove spell’s magique as Julie hedonistically hypno-hand jobs you into exquisite ecstasies.

+ Julie’s killer legs showcased in stocking’s with seams and garter belts and black patent leather heels pump up the volume of your succumbing, surrender, and submission to Me massaging your masturbation yearnings by pretty proxy.

+ It is cool and it is hot! how the thrills I’ve slipped into your sub-consciousness open you to Me pleasurably placing a simply irresistible trigger which wantonly compels you to ??????

29 Minutes, 640 Megs


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