Be a Good Neighbor

Drawn to two irresistible beauties. Sexy blonde and brunette in bikini’s entrance, and seduce you. Pleasures and suggestive entrancing commands make you Mine!

232 Meg, 32 Minutes


You believe it’s right to “BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR“.

you will obey Me each time you succumb, entrancing surrender, and submit to the O! so satisfying stimulations in your copy of My tantalizingly titillating “BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR” voluptuously well-developed video.

Mesmerizing music deliciously draws you to two irresistible beauties you ogled as they moved in.

This sexy blonde and her tall and slinky brunette partner beguiling bewitch in their bikini’s and hedonistically entrance, and salaciously seduce you too!

My suggestive Post Entrancement COMMANDS make you Mine.

My sensuous sorceries help improve your life and arouse your appreciation of a woman’s powers and other natural wonders!

Of course I made this video so you will “BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR” and much more for your Mistress!

232 Meg, 32 Minutes





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