Between Two Turn-ons (Sexual Fixations)

Julie’s and My voluptuous breasts entrance you! Mistress Mariah’s sexy legs in sheer nylons seduce you. Virtually mouth massage My breasts and legs. A crystal ball will help you obey suggestive post entrancing commands.

30 Minutes, 234 Meg


Some choices are incredibly hard.

Other choices are lots of fun and games.

The choices you’ll surrender to in this video will get you hard as Me and My sexy sirens have fun playing our games….on you!

  • Look into My SPHERE OF INFLUENCE and I shall draw your attention onto My bewitching breasts as your eyes rest on Me in My jet black, strapless, low-cut dress.
  • My mesmerizing crystal ball focuses your gaze upon My MYSTIC LEGS.
  • you’re virtually kissing, licking, and suckling My BEWITCHING BOSOMS or My LUSCIOUS LEGS or both!
  • Keep your eyes on beautiful Mistress Julie’s luscious HOTT!-HOOTERS as she bares Her titillations.
  • Let your vision rest on sensuous Mistress Mariah’s slinky legs in those silky, sheer ENCHANTED NYLONS and an innocent-looking schoolgirl skirt.
  • Can you choose between them and completely obey My post entrancing suggestions?


Yes, you’re BETWEEN TWO TURN-ONS filled with universes of sexy fun and games.

30 Minutes


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