In her RED hot lacy bra and panties, Julie sensuously moons you! Watch MY foxy LEGS and virtually make love with the long-legged, busty Moon Goddess. My post entrancing commands make the full moon drive you wild with pleasures!

32 Minutes, 243 Meg


In her RED hot BRA and PANTIES, Mistress Julie sensuously swinging her eye-catching ass mesmerizes your mind!
My pleasure pet, are you LUCID DREAMING VIVID FANTASIES yet?

Now focus on watching MY MYSTIC LEGS ensorcel you, and you will virtually ENJOY LOVEMAKING with the long-legged, busty Moon Goddess.
Yield to the LUNAR LUST-arousing sorceress whose SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE bewitching bosoms and PLEASURE PALACE POWER feed all your senses and fantasies.
The potent FULL MOON becomes the premier ENTRANCING MISTRESS of your lust-filled dreams come truly wild!

Each time you HYPNOTIC SURRENDER to My voice’s post entrancing suggestive WORDS OF SEDUCTION, MISTRESS JULIE’S ASSets, and the night sky’s Queen of passions, pleasures, and more–you’ll relish being full MOONED like never before!

32 Minutes


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