Dim Sum Seductress and Shanghaied

Hott!-spiral, BDSM toys, sexy clothes, and two beauties drug you and enthrall you! I trance-form your exotic Asian waitress into My hot!-bodied assistant Dominatrix.

12+ minutes, 48 Meg


Hard work selling cars.

And you are the best at it.

You need some playtime.

Hot blonde buys Corvette.

She asks you out for dinner.

She’s rich too, whoopee!

You feel so relaxed.

Asian food makes you drowsy.

You feel so entranced.

Hey! and where am I?

Where did these handcuffs come from?

What’s my date doing?

Hot, Asian waitress.

And why is she here too?

Wow! what a body.

Short, black skirt looks wow!

She’s dropping it on the floor.

Great butt in red thong.

What’s that in her hand?

Is that a black riding crop?

Oh man! what comes next?

My date is speaking.

Her voice low and sensuous.

I feel so enthralled.

Have I been Shanghaied?

That spiral looks so pretty.

What will they do next?

I hear suggestions.

I will bring my date presents.

Sometimes give her cash.
Spellbound slave toy, if you aren’t familiar with haiku poetry, here’s My titillating translation.

Poor baby cakes… Owning your quite successful car dealership means you also work like a dog. [And I know the kind of horny puppy you truly are.] you REALLY need a night out to play all those special grownup games!

Last week you sold a custom CORVETTE to a beautiful blonde you can’t get out of your mind and desires. Then out of the clear blue sky, she asks you out! Boy are things going your way. [Or so it appears…]

Well, surprise, this isn’t quite how things are going to stay. Little did you know this Mesmerizing Blonde will always be “more” mesmerizing than you could have imagined or hoped. And to top it off, that HOT-bodied, EXOTIC Waitress with creamy cleavage, was much more than a fantasy flickering in your memories like some harmless, little candle I ensorcell with. In fact, you will become OUR favorite fantasy! And as planned, you will be “coming” even more at My command. Isn’t that right, love slave?

Sit back, relax, don’t worry your sleepy and stimulated head(s) about the entrancing handcuffs, and how I drew you here. Entrancing surrender to My trance-inducing tea and my irresistible voice as we all tantalizingly flow freely through your veins and other body parts. That’s right….admit how deliciously we tease, and really please you over, and over again. “Dim sum Seduced and Shanghaied” is one of the HOTTEST ENTRANCING SPIRAL INDUCTIONS EVER, with at least one TWIST… My darling pet, settle down and entrancing release your inhibitions today. Know and feel Mistress Marquesa and LOVELY LANA are here in control. We’re here for your beguiling. And we’re here TO PLAY!

12 and a half minutes

(Originally 24.99)


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