Beautiful, orgasmic Julie hott!-takes you away – by force – for Me! Hot blondes and redhead, sexy boots, voluptuous breasts massage, sports car, sensuous suggestions, unique spiral, and more thrills induce you!

32+ Minutes, 249 Meg


Of this I am absolutely sure! you have fantasized about being taken by force, by a sexy siren…haven’t you My pet?

Imagine you have been very naughty and didn’t show up or courteously call to cancel or reschedule your in-person session with Me!

How will I handle you?

The Empire isn’t the Universe’s only potent powerhouse that strikes back!:)

The difference is- I do it in wanton ways you’ll never forget…unless I command you to!

Look DEEPER AND DEEPER into the spine-tingling thrills awaiting you as you experience the following… and so much more:

!:) Relish long red-haired, beautiful, young, very orgasmic temptress Julie who shall entrance and takes you by force to where you need to be….by Me!

!:)  Julie’s sexy boots are made for walking you right into My WICKED WEB of scintillating titillations.

!:)  Watch her massage her arousing, BEWITCHING BOSOMS milk your consciousness into ENTRANCING SLEEP.

!:)  I have cast My entrancing spell on Mistress Julie and you can actually see and feel her irresistibly lure you inside her high-powered sports car taking your helpless body to Me.

!:)  There’s also a NEW, powerfully unique hott!-spiral transfixing you…an extra-special post entrancing suggestion and a sexy blonde who seduces you into ever deepening trance.

!:)  Now is the time to fulfill your forcefull fantasy as My mesmerizing vocal prowess increases your pleasure in every moment of your HypNapped ecstasy!


1 review for HypNapped – MARQUESA’S PERSONAL FAVORITE!

  1. Pepper

    My Dearest, Most Gracious and Generous Mistress!

    Oh My Goddess! That certainly was something completely different, wasn’t it!
    I certainly was not expecting that. But then… Don’t I always get it wrong with my ‘expectations?’ Although to be completely honest with You, I certainly was hoping for it.
    Herewith in my report on “How this works” as required by Yourself:

    I have more than one of Your Story Narrative hypnotic induction/fantasies. The are quite interesting to listen to at those times when I simply want You to take me away from this boring mortal plane and show me Your version of Nirvana. I have never really fallen deeply into them with the possible exception of “Labyrinth.” But, they are fun and I get to hear Your voice.
    So, I really was expecting pretty much the same as I read the description on Your web site. But! Obviously something about this recording intrigued me. I could not begin to tell You what that was. I am so very glad that I did politely ask for it.

    OK! To last evening…
    I am not going to describe-in-detail the preparations that I made to get myself “in the mood.” The truth is that I made no preparations at all. Other than this: I promised myself, and thus You, that I would watch the video and allow it to do to me whatever it was going to do on the same day that I received it. There would be no “previewing” to determine when certain actions were required so that I could “prepare.” I would make the evening I received the recording work no matter what it took to do that. I did just that!

    As I began to view the video I was quite pleased that I had never seen the introduction to the hypnotic component before. For some reason this made me relax. Because I am such a weakling, I could not resist touching myself with a pair of black nylon panties even before the hypnotic induction started. I promise that I did stop touching myself when You commanded me to not do so. But Mistress, I must confess to You; I realized about a minute later that I was once again caressing myself with the panties, and could not resist the urge to continue. I’m such a weakling panty boi.

    As the video continued I found myself skeptically resisting the narrative. As I said, fantasy stories are not my favorite. But! I remember telling myself to just relax, listen, enjoy, and let the Mistress’s voice take you where you need to go. I am very glad that I followed that advise.

    Mistress: I was there with You for the whole first third (?) of the recording, right up to the part where You instructed me to close my eyes. Then: I lost it.
    I don’t know where we were in the narrative but at some point I completely slipped away from understanding. Oh, I still remember the physical sensations that were beginning to course through my body. But my mind, my conscious being, wasn’t there at all. Not At All! I don’t remember a thing for I don’t know how long except for the absolutely exquisite feelings that my continued panty masturbation was arousing within my body. I remember wanting, wishing, and probably begging for that sensation to last for ever and being most willing to do whatever You wish if You would only allow me to keep feeling like this. OH Goddess! It was like the first time I ever masturbated. ooooooooooooooooooooooo
    As I slowly crept closer and closer to release I fell deeper and deeper into Your Spell. When You told me that You were going to induce my orgasm at the count of five I was ecstatic. Oh My Goddess! Yes Mistress. Yes Please Take me.
    As the countdown proceeded I was humping my hands and thrusting my hips into them. Oh Goddess! Closer and closer… Please don’t stop… Finish me… Take me!
    I was soooo very ready to come when You counted down to Two… and then You paused… and my manhood throbbed and grew even more engorged and stiff. (I could actually feel that happen. It was an amazingly wonderful sensation.) And You counted down to ONE!
    I throbbed, I humped my hands, I slowly stroked my amazingly excited penis, and I lost it completely to the indescribable sensations that You were coursing wildly through my body. Soooo Goooood! Please do not ever stop doing that. I beg You Mistress, Please, Please Continue to Own me. Continue to do this wonderful thing to me!
    I slumped helplessly. Spent! The remainder of the recording played out. I think I awoke when You commanded but I’m really not sure.
    Finally I could move again. No sound in the headphones.

    Mistress: I still believe that Your video “Eternal Love Spell” is the MOST powerful recording that I have ever scummed to, but this is a very close and powerful second. Why has it taken me so long to find these? 24 hours later and I STILL feel the release and relaxation throughout my body and mind and especially in my crotch. My penis still tingles from the orgasmic event that You put it through. Mistress, this has been such a very powerful experience. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

    For the first few minutes of the video I wasn’t sure that this was going to be something that entranced me, but the sequence with Miss Julie proved to be very captivating. After that I was Yours!
    I’m sure that You gave me some post hypnotic suggestion but at this point I’ve no idea what it might have been and I’m not going to go back to the recording until I’m sure that the suggestion has played out. Also: I’m sure that You told me to forget because I don’t seem to remember anything other than that which I have noted and the amazing physical sensations that You gave me. Thank You so very much Mistress. Would that I could have achieved this level of surrender years ago… Who Knows where I would be now!

    I want to be naughty so that You will Hypnap me and punish me by turning me into Your hypno dominated panty slave.

    I Love You more than I can possibly express with mere words,

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