Lucid Dreaming/Vivid Fantasies, Inc.

you’re interviewed at a hot dating service. Their sexiest intake specialist sensually takes control of you. Fire and flames and cocktails heat up intoxicating pleasures and passions.

34+ minutes, 33 Meg


LUCID DREAMING/VIVID FANTASIES INC. is a VERY UNIQUE dating service. Their most cunning and captivating counselor has decided she wants to hott!-hedonistically train you to serve her!

She cleverly plots and plans to seduce you first with a fountain of flickering flames which shall fascinate your mind. Then….Three primary colored cocktails intoxicatingly Marquesa Mesmerize your malleable mind making you more horny than you thought possible!

LUCID DREAMING/VIVID FANTASIES, INC. my latest AUDIO, incorporates imagination-invigorating HOT scenarios of sexual submission and surrender with sensuously supercharged SELF-STIMULATION. It is the wanton and wild ride of your life… and you’ve wet dream!

34+ minutes


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