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Believe you Me, Dahlia’s sooooo damn good to the last drops. Dahlia possesses the most captivating Assets.   She’s got the right moves and the right stuff to drop any man who’s lucky into falling in lust with her.

This video “Believe” is so sizzling! you’ll have to see it to *Believe how good you’ll feel!

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That’s Mistress Genevieve to you, slave toys.
This very curvy and womanly blonde loves wearing red lipstick almost as much as wearing out anyone lucky enough for Her to choose.
Being bright and articulate help increase Her stature as a SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, great sensual tease.

Still fantasize you’re ready for this true Seductress?
She adores tantalizing Her subbies in ways even I feel are wantonly wicked.

She began dominating when She was eighteen.
Now Mistress Genevieve’s a passionate Pro-Domme with treasure chests of exquisite experiences in tantalizing Her toys.

Behold She who may also hold your destiny decadently in the palm of Her firm, feminine hand.

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Are you one of My pets whose fantasies are still stroked when you see or remember Julie Newmar as Cat Woman? “Meow!” isn’t all you’ll say, if Julie Simone decides to put Her claws on and in you.

Julie well-developed Her Domme skills and demeanor in the Manhattan slice of The Big Apple. Only a few men measure up to Julie Simone’s rigorous standards, desires, and needs. Like Me, Julie doesn’t put up with posers, losers, or bulls——s. GOT IT?

A few months ago, Julie and I fortunately crossed paths at L.A’s club bar Sinister. Her young, five-foot-nine-inch, lusciously buxom, shapely, busty body is luxuriously covered with soft, smooth, flawless skin. Julie’s long, straight, reddish hair frames a perfect face dominated by blue eyes filled with carnal knowledge about submissives and what’s best to do with each of you she selects. This head turner’s heart-shaped lips and the voice they exquisitely embrace are definitely heart stoppers.

Thanks to Julie Simone’s genuineness and assets, being Her Mentor is a real kick for Me. Watching Her tease men, sensuously experiment, and express how much She’s into being the best kind of Domme does special things for Me also.

Yes! Julie will reveal Her potencies in some of My upcoming Domme videos. In fact, I may decide to unleash Julie in some arousing audios as well.

Click on each Lady’s link to gaze upon her GENUINELY GORGEOUS GLORIES!

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The first time athletic Lana, shyly stepped in to My passionate pleasures parlour, we discovered a most wantonly wicked wish burned deep in her heart. Lana yearned to make any man She desired yield to Her desires anytime and anywhere.

With My coaching in classy coquetry, now Lana {Mistress Lana to you} can wield a riding crop and play mind-melting games with the best of them. What Asian Mistress Lana can do with silk ribbons and strings would make all black widow spider goddesses pray to become Her pliable pupils and prey. Get in line and worshipfully wait your turn at perhaps being Her next sex stud snack.
With Her high heels Mistress Lana can step on you. In a battle of brainiacs, you’ll be faithfully following in Lana’s stiletto prints. And you’ll do it on your hands and knees where you belong.

Indulge your naughty, little fantasies. I know about your passion to stay there and steal a closer, lustful look at Mistress Lana for your yelping self. What are you thirsting for, My permission? *DO IT!* If you dare to feel the full firepower of Her feminity!



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Now see in your spellbound mind’s eye a gorgeous girl of your dreams. For arousal’s sake, we’ll call her Mariah. Among other things, Mariah yearns to be a model. The only thing restraining her is that she was at least as shy as she is sooo beautiful.

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Like My sensual slave’s enlarging libido, yourXpanding yearning and desireis to know more about Me.

From the moment I unveiled and unleashed the first version of My website, each and every thing ever to dwell on it is in some wondrous way a provocative piece of My bedazzling bio.

Exquisitely explore My deliciously decadent digital domain. Surrender to each of My rapturously risqué recordings as they fan your favourite fantasies into ecstasy!

Behold! what happens each time you click on any of My already alluring links and enjoy this High-Spirited, High-Class, Hedonistic Dominatrix X-perience with Me! Goddess Marquesa!

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Her luxurious, auburn hair is as straight as one of Cupid’s arrows flying straight as an arrow into your heart! Her lovely locks fascinatingly frame Her captivating countenance which witchingly comes complete with an always alluring all-knowing smile. you should see and feel what Mistress Munique uniquely and unstoppably does to masculine minds whenever She feels that urge to unleash Her feminine fire-power-house full of persuasion.

All the dancing She’s done (and still does) has had a helping hand in giving Her a spectacular set of legs! Everything about Her legs is alluringly accentuated by Her favorite footwear. See Her striding toward you, stylishly stepping out in those open-toed, clear as crystal, six-inch high, stiletto shoes!

Now say, “Mistress Munique’s a unique Mistress” ten times in a row and perfectly to boot. And remember you are here for Mistress Munique to play with at Mistress Marquesa’s pleasure and leisure. Stroke, stroke, pat, pat…My panting pet.

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You can’t get enough of this exotic beauty!

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