Unleashed Desire

32+ Minutes, 249 Megabytes


“Your drowsy eyes behold me holding up an ensorcelling hypno-sleeeeeeep-inducing crystal as it magnetizes Simone into embracing and reveling in her UNLEASHED DESIRE for a beautiful lesbian lovemaking TIMELESS TANTALIZATION.
How strong is your UNLEASHED DESIRE to caress my curvaceously shapely legs in sheer, silky smooth hypnolons?
I’m sure you wont be able to take your eyes off of Simone as she strokes mine!
Simone shall then take you still deeper into trance while you watch her dance of seduction in a body-hugging corset and silk stockings!
Oh and darling….My suggestively thrilling posthypnotic suggestions are so potent, that you will find that they have lots of LUXURIOUS LEGS to stand on. (Giggle)”

32+ Minutes, 249 Megabytes


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