Panty Playtime

how much do you hunger to sumptuously revel in feeling those soft, feminine panties whenever you wish?

52+ Minutes, 24 Megabytes


Yes, My pet. My previous collaboration with oh so sensuous story author Pinky {CLICK TO GET INDOCTRINATION, IF ya DARE.} was so wantonly successful!
That’s one tempting reason I decided to do it with Pinky once MORE!! 🙂

Confess now, My satin-seeker, how much do you hunger to sumptuously revel in feeling those soft, feminine panties whenever you wish?

Relax with Me, look no further.

The author of ‘Panties on His Mind’ has helped Me creatively unfold exactly what you need and crave.
Now you can quickly, easily, and even more pleasurably and passionately fulfill your secret [or not so hidden] fetish.
My MYSTIC LEGS are kicking up My heels {six-inch stilettos, baby cakes} with SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE glee to show you a brand spanking new AHIM appreciation of what ETERNAL LOVE of panties can and will do with, for, and to you!

Among many stimulating things, I’m truly turned on each time My Emerald Eyes rest on a lucky man who submits to his DEEPER AND DEEPER, SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE UNLEASHED DESIRE to smell and caress a fine woman’s frilly underwear!

Yes, PANTY PLAYTIME includes specific instructions for those who’ve gotten their hot-blooded, hornier hands on My panties.
But rest assured, if you haven’t bought (or been blessed by Me with a gift of) My priceless panties, yet, I well-built PANTY PLAYTIME to be thoroughly enjoyed by anybody and everyone who loves the silky satisfaction only Panties! arouses!

52+ Minutes




1 review for Panty Playtime

  1. BS

    My Dearest Goddess Marquesa,
    I simply can not help myself when I feel compelled to write to you and express my appreciation for and love of women’s panties. Panties, Panties, Panties! Oh, how I love the look and feel of women’s frilly feminine panties. Oh how I so very much love to simply hear you say that word, “Panties!” Oh, how I love to see pictures of the beautiful panties that beautiful women and girls wear. Oh, how I wish I were so fortunate as to be able to wear such beautiful and exciting articles of clothing all of the time. How wonderful it would be to be able to feel the exquisite fabric of panties all day, every day. Panties that encircle. Panties that incarcerate. Panties that enslave…

    My condition is, upon close examination, a combination of faults! The fault of me for having a panty fetish that is so very obvious and easily exploitable by a beautiful, loving, and dominant fetish Mistress such as yourself: And also yours for compelling me to write to you about my fascination with the beautiful wispy garments that women are fortunate enough to be allowed to wear about their neither region. 🙂 .* Gossamer garments that absorb a women’s secretions from the most intimate, feminine, and powerfully dominant, portions of their lovely and exciting bodies. Would that society accepted that males wore such provocative, frilly, sexually fulfilling and satisfying garments next to and around their most sensitive regions. When I listen to Panty Playtime I can not help myself but to lick your beautifully and powerfully scented panties to fill myself with your delicious dominant essence. My Goddess, your taste is exquisite! I crave more of it with every time that I wear your panties over my head. Through the essence within your panties you have become a permanent part of my humble and subservient existence. I fear that soon I will have licked and sucked your essence completely out of your beautiful panties.

    Your wonderific conditioning of me is, and remains, quite powerful: So powerful, if fact, that even though I can speak freely of it to you, and no one else, and I am fully aware that I have been and am continuing to be wonderifically conditioned by you, your conditioning remains fully in effect. Fully and most strongly in effect. My most fervent desire is that it not only should your domination and conditioning of me continue in effect, but I desire and most humbly beseech that your domination and control over me will become ever stronger and stronger until it fully overtakes my sexual existence so that I might become your most willing and subservient sex toy/panty slave/dominated male drone. And that all seems a bit weird to me… How can I sit here and write to you while knowing in full consciousness that I am doing it of a compulsion that was emplaced, by you, within my subconscious? This is baffling to me, a person to whom logic is paramount. I know this to be true! How can I logically prove this hypothesis? My Goddess, you are a most powerful and wonderful Mistress to take me around, and have me fully and unconditionally accept a logical twist like that. It makes no logical sense, but I seem to be living and loving it! It seems so perfectly right and correct to do so. (“Love for your Mistress must be unconditional.) The more I listen to the different recordings I have received from you, the deeper under your spell I willingly and excitedly succumb. I am swiftly becoming, more deeply, more willingly, and more passionately, yours to command as you will. I am eager to complete my total submission to your Will, because Your Will is stronger than my will. Command me, please, my Mistress.

    I have spent a majority of this evening surfing internet panty gallery sites (except of course the time it has taken me to write and re-write this epistle) in search of those photographs that would bring me the fetishistic excitement I now so very much need and crave. Panties, panties, panties! I have found many that excite me and make my manhood hard and drip. I have also found many that have made me grab my manhood and massage it through my pants. I have saved those images that I consider the best of the best! I now have hundreds of such images saved as a tribute to your panty fetish conditioning. My panties (May I call my tightie whitie briefs panties?) are sticky with pre-ejaculate fluid. (Should I only wear pretty, frilly, feminine panties when ever I write to you from now on? Please command me in this matter.)

    My Beautiful and Loving Goddess: Thank you so very much for beginning my transformation into your erect and dripping panty slave/sex toy. I am quite eager to have the transformation process continued and ultimately completed by your sweet hott! domination. When I view so many women in provocatively feminine panties I can’t help but wish that they were your panties I am admiring. and craving to worship. O:-)

    For you, and only for you, and to you do I make this confession of my panty slavery fantasy. To you and only to you can I even speak of this fetish. To you and only to you can I speak of my relationship and devotion to you.

    Should you be tired of or bored with my confessions, I implore you to please release me from this compulsion to correspond with you and confess my obsession to you. Should you not be, please keep me entranced and take me deeper and deeper into your silken web of panty seduction and feminization. I am… Yours to command.

    Your Loving, Willing and Eager Panty Slave,


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