Powerful mind control conditioning for the new 21st century man.

64+ Minutes, 30 Megabytes


This I command all My cyber servants and you, My passion pet, who craves to be…


I have bewitchingly blessed you with this audio INDOCTRINATION. I witch-crafted it with the appreciated and deserved assistance of the famous and prolific mind control story author, Pinky!

First, you follow your Mistress INTIMATELY into a superb “Down the 10 Step Spellbinding Staircase” induction that will tantalizingly take you incredibly DEEP AND DEEPER into trance. Then I whisk you away to a perfect world where all women are beautiful, wise, and deserving–and all men obey Us as naturally as breathing. The next PASSIONATE portion of the recording specifically and properly reprograms you into even deeper devotion to Me.

A new employee frequently receives an orientation. With My “INDOCTRINATION” audio, you’ll get orientation, AROUSAL, and much more… than meets your “Mesmerized by Mistress Marquesa” mind’s eye.
64+ Minutes




1 review for Indoctrination

  1. Pepper

    Indoctrination is one of Mistress Marquesa’s most powerful audio recordings. It is one of Mistress Marquesa’s most powerful recordings at all, be it audio or video. At just over an hour of listening pleasure it takes you on a wonderful trip to a place where you need to be.
    Lie down. Relax in a dark room. Slip on your headphones and let yourself go to where ever it is Mistress wants to take you. You won’t be sorry that you did.
    The first half of this recording will take you deeper and deeper into Marquesa’s wonderful spell of enthrallment. Surrender and enjoy the trip. It is truly a wonderful feeling and experience to go there under Her guidance. Once you are there, or think you are there, Mistress will take you even deeper. It is so pleasurable. All you will want to do is to do whatever it takes to continue being under Her spell. You have begun to be Indoctrinated.
    Which brings us to the second half of this recording.
    Here Mistress Marquesa will take you ever deeper into Indoctrination and reveal to you certain Truths. Certain things that you have always suspected were true but were never able to verify. Here in Her realm of domination the verification will be forthcoming. Verification of your submissive obedience to Her dominant will. Verification of your need to obey Her supreme will. You will completely agree because you already know that Her Truth is the truth you have been seeking for so long. She will tell you of how you need to obey and what you need to do for her, and you will willingly and readily agree. You will agree with the need She implants within you and with what it is that She requires you to do. Without question!
    Get this recording. You know that you want to submit most fully to Marquesa. You desire to be Indoctrinated. This is your chance to do just that. You may think that a purely audio recording can’t put you under or get you off. This powerful recording will prove otherwise. Your Indoctrination awaits.


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