Become the woman you have always wanted to be.

37+ Minutes, 17 Megabytes


Mistress Marquesa guides you to indulge your deep desire to become more feminine by wearing panties, nylons and other delicious frilly underthings. Her Entrancing Highness teaches you the true significance of wearing these garments, as she inescapably binds you to Her and your need for feminine things. Become converted into Mistress’ obedient female slut as you fall hopelessly under the spell of sweet panties and irresistible submissive pleasure.

37+ Minutes


2 reviews for HypnoWhore

  1. jazz

    Should you wish to be led to the touch and feel of something soft and alluring next to your skin, try Hypnowhore, the tape. You and panties will never be the same.

  2. subdoc thomas


    Please accept this first report about subdoc slave thomas’ surrender to YOUR so extremely powerful HYPNOWHORE audio. As i listened to it again and again, i found myself both confused about my emotions and at the same time tranquilized by the observation of being able to accept and even embrace what YOUR magical hypnotic power does to me. i always knew about my sluttyness when listening to YOUR recordings and i did wish for long to become MORE! and MORE! YOUR horny slut slave willing to OBEY every command and to be ready for being USED BY YOU as YOUR sex toy. Now this journey into slavery moved me into a wholly new world.
    There are many change effects to my subconscious thoughts and also to my real behavior even after this short time of submitting to this new experience, out of which i will describe three topic areas (i.e. those which seem to be influencing me the most).

    i cannot be without panties anymore. Every morning after listening the night before to HYPNOWHORE , i started my day in “normal” underwear but felt quickly very bad and knew immediately this being not right for me´. YOUR slave did only come to rest after changing into panties. In office i feel my soft parts sweetly caressed by the panties’ softness and had the impression every sexy woman knows about my wearing panties which made me so submissive to them that i feel YOU being around. At night i put on panties as well when SHE sleeps. It excites me to imagine SHE detects this as in the past (before becoming YOUR sex slave), when i had a pair of HER panties on i “accidentally” let her notice this what made HER so, so horny…

    Very often i play now with HER LIPSTICKS, moving their reddish head out of the container. In my mind, even with eyes open, i see the lipstick transmuting into a beautiful, big phallus which becomes bigger and bigger over time. This makes me so horny and slutty as i could never imagine, and i want to take it very deep into my mouth to suck and lick it but at the same time need to be filled by it between my legs .
    Please forgive me for again writing too much but i could not stop letting YOU know what happens to me thanks to YOUR wonderful DOMINATION.

    In endless love,
    YOUR so grateful, submissive, horny
    subdoc slave thomas

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