The Dream Begins

Long-blonde-haired dream vamp in a red latex dress and black satin opera gloves. My entrancing voice compels more than your nipple play. Sensuous movements alluringly revealed in this dreamy, techie-induction.

11+ Minutes, 41 Megabytes



The erotically entrancing coupling of sexy; young; long, blonde-haired Seductress Nikitta, and My mesmerizing voice is much too powerful, potent, & passionate for you to resist any longer!

Add to your fantasizing, the daring hand dance of a Lady Mesmerist in training who uses Her allure to compel your Entrancing Surrender!

In THE DREAM BEGINS video Nikkita slowly and sensuously moves in Her wicked, red latex dress like a Goddess on the prowl. Nikitta’s ready and able to overwhelm your sexual will as you decadently dare to look intensely at Her black as midnight, opera-length, satin gloves!

Nikitta craves to get Her hands on you. And She’s gonna mesmerize you with Her *gloves* and moves to do it.

Nikitta’s goal is to seduce you and make you Her eager sex toy. She gets what She wants by compelling you to experience sensual pleasures you may never have even imagined before.

Do you want to play?

Follow the suggestively entrancing commands you’ll hear and play with your nipples when you’re told to.

you’ll perform for Nikitta and admit that My voice and Nikitta can make you do anything “thrilling” in this really cool techy-hott!-induction.


What you’ll see is in a slow motion artistic effect.

Yet you vividly see Nikitta’s long, blonde hair, red dress, black gloves, and everything else desirable to get you enthralled by pleasure in THE DREAM BEGINS.

Pay attention My pet, to My hot post entrancing suggestions that you will want to obey!

These priceless pleasures for only $9.99

11+ Minutes


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