Deeper into Me you go

I allure you with three inductions… Two spirals and two beauties. Post entrancing suggestions improve your performance. Behold Lillith’s eyes and watch as she pleasures herself!

24+ Minutes, 187 Meg


DEEPER AND DEEPER inside this VIDEO enjoy…

Three inductions in one VIDEO draw you DEEPER AND DEEPER under My spell.

Two kinds of spirals carry you DEEPER AND DEEPER into Entrancing Surrender to your self-stimulation Sirens–Me and beautiful Lillith.

One flickering cluster of candles you gaze upon ignites your DEEPER AND DEEPER passions for pleasures.


Several entrancing and Post Entrancement suggestions DEEPER AND DEEPER influence and improve you now and beyond as you look DEEPER AND DEEPER into Lillith’s eyes, listen to My voice and watch Lillith enjoying herself at My command.

To carnally draw you DEEPER AND DEEPER in embracing My decadent control, I voluptuously developed this 24 minute long VIDEO.

To fulfill your yearnings, everything you see! hear! feel! remember! and experience! In this VIDEO over and over…takes you DEEPER AND DEEPER inside UPlifting ecstasies!

24+ Minutes   (Originally $27.99!)


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