Goddess Marquesa

Goddess Marquesa

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Goddess Marquesa Welcomes You

I feel PASSIONATE pleasure when a submissive's expression reveals his eager willingness to *MESMERIZING SURRENDER* to lust-fully worshipping Me. your powerfully hedonistic hunger for Me TRANCE forms you into My thrilled puppet helpless-before-Me!

Your *UNLEASHED DESIRE* to worship, obey and SURRENDER to Me is all good and all things fulfilling!

SINCERE DEVOTION excites Me each time I allow a scrumptious submissive slut slave to share My wickedly wonderful world’s devilishly decadent delights.


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Captured by the Web

I am mind-molding Mistress Marquesa. And I am possessing you. All of you will be mine. I will ever-increasingly own and control you.

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Marquesa's Magnetism

Goddess Marquesa’s bewitching big breasts relax and yet arouse you. Sleep for Goddess and Mistress Marquesa. You will willingly come into My world of hypnotic happiness and sweet surrender.

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A Dance Into Ecstasy

Obey my sweet soothing voice. Let my magical music calm you.. My 3 dreamy dancers' seductive movements will alluringly move you soporifically into sleepier sleepiness. They are so hypnotic to look at.

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Embrace My Philosophy Audio

Here are a few reasons you should book a live session with me today pet. Listen to the voice sample above and I am sure you will agree a phone session is exactly what you need…

1. Price: 20  MINUTES FOR $65! 30 MINUTES FOR ONLY $90!

2. You shall receive 1 free video or audio as a reward !!

3. The pleasure you FEEL from submitting to my will!


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My Work

IMAGINE… you’re relaxingly resting so comfortably in a soothingly sensual chamber.

My riveting Emerald Eyes and feminine allure invitingly hold much more than your mesmerized gaze in helpless fascination.

Ahhhh! the pulsing, electric rhythm of My heart beats with carnal appetites. Do you hear it?

I control your ensorcelled attention, My arousing, sensual control penetrates *DEEPER AND DEEPER*.

Indescribable satisfaction you shall SEDUCTIVELY FEEL from submitting to Me. There is sensuous subtlety in My COMPELLING, comPASSIONATE control. These THRILLS and much more find their fullest expression thanks to your imagination

My Blog

I’m skilled and certified in classical and erotic entrancement for many years now….and I always have and always will respect and appreciate each sensuously experimental person or sexual submissive I entrance.


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