A True Story That May Seem Familiar


     Many of you hypno fetish fans — My fans — have been following Me devotedly for years.  You know my website inside and out.  You probably have purchased My superior audio and video recordings, you enjoy and frequently get off on My titillating videos on YouTube, and you read with delight and uncontrollable excitement the saucy, seductive stories on My Literotica webpage.  And you have doing this, watching My videos and voraciously consuming My stimulating, salacious, one-handed reading, for years and years.   But….but,  you have never picked up the telephone and called Me.  One of My slaves likes to say that, just as Confucius reminds us that a single picture is worth a thousand words, so too, is a live phone conversation with ME easily a thousand times more exciting and rewarding than any mere audio or video — even though I produced or wrote them.  Which brings me to My message:  I WOULD TRULY LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU.  I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU CALL ME.  That’s right.  Live.  To chat with me, one on one, so that I can learn what most interests you, find out what most turns you on.  Yes, to then do that, to turn you on as never before, to light your fire; yes, to get you off (if that is what you want), but most important, to guide you, and help you finally meet, AND NOW REALIZE your secret, innermost craving you have carried inside so long.

     One of my newer slaves, Liam, tells how, after following Me through my website for two decades, he finally “pulled the trigger” and picked up the phone and called me.

       For almost as long as I can remember, I’ve been a hypno fetish geek.   I acknowledge this freely and without reservation to this forum, but not to the world at large.  In fact, outside of Marquesa, nobody who knows me knows of this interest.  Back in the early days of the internet, I was idly surfing for hypno dommes, and during one enchanted evening, I stumbled upon Marquesa’s website.  Now, hers wasn’t the only such website I came across, but I instantly liked what I saw.  I found her sexy looking yet attractive — mature (not some 18 year-old nymph), no visible tattoos or piercings, no purple hair — yet she clearly seemed to know hypnosis and dominance and, by implication, human sexuality, inside and out.  Importantly to me, she also didn’t (and doesn’t) gratuitously give website visitors the finger or call us pathetic worms, or something much worse — gestures which I not only don’t need, but which really turn me off — and, for me, a turnoff at the outset is a real hypno-fantasy killer. There were then, as I recall, a couple of free videos or audios available to sample from, and naturally, I indulged myself, and I liked Marquesa’s voice.  Sultry, sensual, seductive, yet it also carries an element of command, a tone that brooks no bullshit.  I liked it.  Eureka!  Good looks, great voice, knows her stuff — just like that, I was hooked.  I followed Marquesa’s hypnotic video appearances on YouTube (my favorite: the one showing a guy sitting on a couch who, after receiving her soporific suggestions for three minutes, just keels over on his side, deep in trance.  OK, so I like seeing people being put under).  I also read the hypno-fetish stories on her Literotica website, some resonating with me not a bit, some partly, and a few, well…well, they really turned me on.  Now, this introduction came maybe twenty years ago, when Marquesa lived in Marina Del Rey.  (I was then, as now, living on the East Coast, so seeing her in person was a fantasy all by itself — and an unachievable one at that — and the geographic distance between us argued against calling her, no matter how seductively her website beckoned.  True, I’d go through periods in which I’d give the website wide berth, but inevitably, curiosity and innate horny-ness (or maybe her embedded suggestions from all those free media samples) would guide me back to her like a homing pigeon.  I ordered maybe one audio from her (I forget which one), and for years and years, I happily watched those free video samples.  Of course, from the beginning, I was curious, all the time wondering what a call to her might be like — or how it might turn out.  I kept thinking it would be extremely interesting to call Marquesa, to speak to her and experience her skills in person.  But despite these yearnings, that was the extent of my involvement for more than 20 years.

      One day late last fall (2019), after an absence of several months, I returned to Marquesa’s webpage only to discover that, lo and behold! she had moved to sunny Florida.  Wow!!  On the US East Coast.  What a happy circumstance.  Of course, the idea of calling her popped instantly into my mind, and there it circled around and around, like a treadmill in a hamster cage for weeks and weeks until I finally gave in and decided to call her.

       Now, picking up the phone was not easy.  All sorts of weird ideas and strange fantasies whirled through my head:  Would she Capture my Mind?  After all, hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool, and in the hands of an unscrupulous practitioner, some of whom, alas, inhabit the hypno domme realm, I could, by calling her, place myself in extremis.  Would she turn out to be a Malicious Malevolent Maleficent, casting Sinister Soporific Spells over the phone and irretrievably ensnaring me in her web?  Would she drain my bank account and leave me sitting street-side holding up a Feed Me sign?   Would she use anything I told her, either in waking consciousness or in hypnosis, to somehow blackmail me?  Would she have me waking at 3:00 AM and clucking like a chicken?  Or jerking off at high noon, naked, in the middle of the New Jersey Turnpike?  All these and more ideas, each sillier or more far out than the last, zoomed through my mind as I contemplated actually picking up the phone to call her.  Lordy, is this a rabbit hole I really want to go down?  But then it hit me:  If Marquesa were unscrupulous, unethical or otherwise sinister and evil, she probably wouldn’t be in business, because the word would somehow have gotten out, her business bookings would have dropped off, and she’d have been be forced to seek another line of work — and probably one much less fun, at that!  Besides, I figured, having been in the game for as long as I’ve been tuning in to her website, her knowledge of certain aspects of applied psychology must be extremely well honed, and she probably knows as much about human sexual response as Masters & Johnson, though her involvement has to be more, er, hands-on and vastly more entertaining.  But what if I interrupt her and some slave licking one another in ‘naughty places?‘ (After all, that’s how dommes in porn flicks spend their waking hours, don’t they?)  Whoa, that would really piss her off and start things out on the wrong foot.  Do I really want to go through with this?  Aw, what the hell, I said to myself, Just do it!  Damn the torpedoes, here goes (Gulp!)...  Screwing up my courage, I took a deep breath and dialed the contact number shown on her website.

      After a couple of rings, a woman’s voice answered, “Hello.”

      “Hello,” I stammered in reply.  “Is this the Goddess Marquesa?”

      “Yeeess??!!”  Her tone was deep and self-assured, and quizzical, naturally eliciting more information.

       I introduced myself, and she asked what I was looking for.  I went on for a few moments, breathlessly at first and, then, calmed and reassured (and come to think if it, relaxed?) by her demeanor, with a little more self-control, about what I was seeking.  In doing so, I opened up a new chapter in my life that has been wonderfully pleasing, wonderfully fulfilling.  Yes, she helps me get my rocks off.  Of course.  But there’s so much more that I never initially expected.  I’ll start with what Marquesa is not.  She’s not a hormonally maladjusted, man-hating bitch who gets off on putting down males and inflicting pain.  Quite to the contrary, I have found Marquesa to be extremely empathetic, kind, friendly, down-to-earth, positive, and encouraging.  Also a good listener and non-judgmental, which is massively important to me.  She is blessed with a keen sense of humor.  In short, she’s an excellent conversationalist and great fun to talk to — we’ve even had a session or two without hypnosis (Oops.),  From the outset, she has expressed keen interest in my personal needs and issues, and in what I bring to the table.  In short. all the things one would hope for, yet perhaps a whole lot that one might least expect from a provider in her field.  I also find her almost eerily intuitive and very bright — I think she’d make a hell of a clinical psychologist.  She resonates and functions at a very high frequency, which I hadn’t expected at all.  I’ve also found her highly professional — meaning she knows her field through and through, and she’s been discrete to a fault  [Which leads me to add that I view conversations with her in the same light as consultations with other professionals — doctors, lawyers, accountants, psychologists].  And yes, does she ever help me ascend my sexual Everest. God, does she do that!   And best of all, without me baying at the moon at midnight; with my bank account still intact (so far!) — and, without me running naked into the middle of the Turnpike to jerk off — at any time of day — although I’ve recently started getting these urges to channel Elvis every morning…just kidding, just kidding.  Seriously, though, I have been able to explore personal interests — psycho-sexual issues – that allow me to grow, to self – fulfill, in ways I’d never imagined. I also add in the realm of personalized fantasy fulfillment, Marquesa puts the people at Disney Studios to shame.

       And all it took was a phone call.

       I must add a caveat.  As in all worthwhile things in life, what you put in to your effort is what you get out of it.  A half-assed commitment yields so-so results, results that otherwise will have been far more satisfying.  Clearly, I dove in head first.  Some others may jump in, still others slowly enter the waters, some stick a toe in and withdraw it, and still others will be content to remain on dry land.  Perhaps my thinking was guided first, by the fact that I would be dealing with a professional, and second, by words of wisdom received from an old friend many moons ago:  never bullshit any professional from whom you obtain professional services — not your doctor nor your lawyer, not your shrink nor your accountant, and certainly not your “sexual counselor.”  So, trusting my gut, I held nothing back, disclosing to Marquesa a load of personal baggage that I’d shared with no one else.  I figured at the outset, and I now firmly believe, that Marquesa is truly a master hypnotist as well as a master sexual guide (I love it when she takes control).  I use the words guide and master deliberately.  Regarding my use of guide, not all people are willing to take the risk of calling and confiding even if they agree with me in their gut. It takes a professional to first, tap into the enormous (and oft unaccessed) power of the human mind and then channel that power, to guide it and so bring you to levels of sheer pleasure never before imagined.  And in describing her skills, I use the word master because, to me, the word mistress can in no way convey the scope of clinical expertise and skill, much less the sheer raw power Marquesa brings to the dialog.  What you choose to contribute in sexual, emotional and even intellectual measure, Dear Reader, is entirely up to you.  I also deliberately use the word intellectual because of another adage I learned long ago, namely; that the most important sex organ in the human body lies not between the legs, but between the ears.  Which brings me back to my earlier mention of professional services, of the need to open up and take a risk.

        Which gets me into the meat of the issue.  I’ve found a personal one-on-one with Marquesa to be far superior to listening to one of her audios, even superior to her videos.  Why?  Because with a one-on-one, she tailors her session to you, and only you.  As human beings, we’re all different; no two of us are exactly alike.  Videos or audios from her website, sexy and alluring — and mesmerizing — though they may be, are generic, oriented toward a mass audience.  You know, one size fits all.  But by phone, you personally work with Marquesa — head to head, so to speak — to get what you desire.  The difference is like that between driving a Chevy Volt and a Ferrari.  True, the Volt will get you there eventually but the ride it gives you can never come close to the one you receive from a Ferrari, which produces an intoxicating, almost addictive stream of endorphins and adrenaline.  I testify here and now that Marquesa has been both delighted and eager to work with me, to collaborate in helping me attain what I’m seeking.  She values client input highly, and will use your feedback to bring you to a place that simply can’t be attained through her media offerings.  And I’m sure that if you also wanted to work on weight loss, smoking cessation, erectile disfunction, penis enlargement — whatever — she’d probably be happy to help you all she can, because she has done so for me.  To be sure, if your fantasy demands a Maleficent, I’m sure Marquesa would be more than happy to fulfill that role too. The first session provides the all-important jumping off place for what I term ‘advanced hypnotic attainment.’  Anyway, this results-producing personal interaction is why I recommend Marquesa so highly.

       Now, handing to someone you’ve never met the keys to your mind involves a level of trust — and risk — that many are unwilling to take on.  And, on reflection, that’s the nub of it, I think.  In contemplating a first time call to Marquesa, we are all forced to decide between trust (or lack thereof), on the one hand, and a long standing (and probably growing) animal need for fantasy fulfillment, on the other.  By trust, I mean not just trust Marquesa (and her discretion and professionalism), but more, because ultimately, the decision to call her also means that you have to trust yourself.  Do you trust yourself enough to trust Marquesa?  Trust her to convey you to, then guide you around, your innermost Fantasy Island?  Now, as any plain vanilla clinical psychologist will attest, trust and the willingness to commit to your process is a big deal.  And this is where Marquesa’s professionalism comes into play.  Her extensive experience in hypnotic fantasy fulfillment could probably fill an encyclopedia.  And her willingness, if not outright delight, even joy, in contributing to the dialog, in bringing a sexual nirvana into your life, adds to the experience in a way which simply cannot be measured.  Moreover, she seems possessed of a Black Belt in the Marital Arts.  I add that the interpersonal chemistry that has arisen between us over a series of calls has helped me achieve a state of nirvana.

      As I noted earlier, it took more than twenty years of browsing Marquesa’s website before I summoned up enough desire to call her, as though that call fulfilled a need that had long been building up inside me.  Perhaps you feel the same way.  Anyway, I hope you find this description of my resulting — and growing — telephone relationship with Marquesa entertaining and informative.  If you have been following her for many years, you might want to think deeply about it, even read this account again a time or two.  For me personally, Marquesa has brought me to a level of bliss that just keeps getting higher, and that has exceeded far beyond anything I had hoped to experience.  Could she do the same for you, too?

      All it takes is a phone call to find out.

Disclosures:   First, I’ve never met Marquesa face to face, so if I ran into her in, say, a grocery store, I’m not sure I’d even recognize her!  But when I next visit Florida, I’d sure like to meet her in person.  Second, Marquesa never asked asked me to write this account — either when I was awake or in hypnosis.


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