The Voice of Krystal Mesmer

The Voice of Krystal Mesmer

Seduction. Have you ever tasted it? If you haven’t, you should really give it a try. I speak from long experience. Seduction is one of life’s great pleasures.
My name is Lady Krystal Mesmer. From a very early age I realized two things. The first was that I love sex. The passion. The sounds. The heat. Nothing makes me feel so alive.
My second epiphany concerned my voice. It is powerful. Mesmerizing. People hear my voice and become transfixed. 
My voice is a paradox: so soothing it feels like soft music to lull you into a state of relaxation, yet so arousing that sometimes I find that the man I am talking to has a huge erection, though I have only been speaking about the weather or my electric bill.

These insights led me to hypnosis. 

As soon as I began studying, it was clear that I was born for it. With a little practice, I found that I could hypnotize anyone, under virtually any circumstances, whether they are aware that I am doing so or not. Hypnosis is thus not only my calling, it gives me the power to have as many sexual adventures I can imagine, on whatever terms I desire.
Once I am inside someone’s mind, I can make them my plaything. Who doesn’t like to be worshiped? I love making a man stroke for me and worship every inch of my legs from my feet to the dewy lips of my honey pot.
Of course, hypnosis appeals to me so much because I am naturally a Domme. 
Nothing turns me on like surrender. When the man who was rude to me at the bank is sucking my toes, or the woman who gave me attitude is lovingly tonguing my rosebud, my insides become molten delight.
I am voracious, but not ungenerous. 
Seduction is so yummy it can even be fun second-hand. Men all become my sex-toys, but I occasionally take on a woman as my pupil. Very little turns me on more than watching a man kneel, the hypnotic slave of a woman whom I instructed.
But seduction is a two-way street. When I seduce someone, it feels as delicious for them as it does for me. I can see in their eyes: their will is gone, but the pleasure is there. 
Blissful, ecstatic pleasure. Pleasure so intense it almost hurts.  I like making a man beg, but if he whines he will inevitably moan twice as loud.
What do you say, pet? Are you game? Cum call me and/or listen to my recordings. 
I can guarantee that you won’t regret it.

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