Goddess Marquesa: The Sources of Her Power and How She Became a Hypno-Goddess   

 I believe Goddess Marquesa to be a pre-eminent hypno-domme.  First, what does this mean?  Next, how did She arrive at the top of Her profession?  Lastly, what attributes are required for Her ascent?
  First, I believe that all dominatrixes, or dommes, women who practice dominance and submission [which combine physical restraint and pain with sexual stimulation to generate great rushes of endorphins (pleasure — no, make that ecstasy) for their clients], actually use hypnosis, many without knowing they do so (more on this later)].  Their ranks include practitioners who explicitly employ, or profess to employ, hypnosis, and so they pass themselves off as hypno-dommes.  I conjecture that from their ranks, relatively few are deeply knowledgeable, either in hypnosis or its practice.  To be sure, some know hypnosis — and employ it, often sparingly.  But they consider themselves dommes first and hypnotists second, meaning that, in their practice, hypnosis plays second fiddle — when it plays at all.  At best, this makes them hypno-part-timers.

Then, there are, for want of a better description, serious hypno-dommes, many fewer in number, who view themselves hypnotists first and dommes second.  In their practice, hypnosis comes first — and second and third.  Their client/subject relationship begins and ends with hypnosis:  they focus much more on their subject’s mind than his body.  Physical domination, using restraints and inflicting pain, may yet play a significant role in their practice, and unquestionably, for the best practitioners, physical domination may be worked seamlessly into their repertoire.  However, in their practice, outright physical domination will always play a supporting role, secondary to that of hypnosis.  For these specialized practitioners and their clients alike, it will always be the psychological, not the physical, aspects of domination that become the be-all and end-all of their ‘therapy sessions.’  Next, from within this select group, there are a few — I suspect a handful — who have pursued their craft and honed their technique so long that hypnosis has become deeply, fully integrated into their work, so much so that they have come to employ it casually and reflexively — they’re not always conscious of what they are doing — both in and outside their practice.  I believe Marquesa falls into this category.

Second, in Her chosen vocation, Marquesa has risen to a level of eminence equaled only by a select few.  What makes Her such an overachiever, and how did She reach this pinnacle?  Simple:  As with any vocation, it takes practice and experience, and then more practice and more experience, first to learn, really learn, the procedure, to assimilate and internalize its rudiments, and then, over an extended time, to hone and perfect and truly master one’s technique, one’s craft.  In two interlocking spheres, domination and hypnosis, Marquesa has been practicing — successfully — for a long, long time, which, perforce, makes Her extensively schooled and highly experienced.  To not just attain, but maintain Her standing, She continues to work on Her professional skills, enhancing, improving, tweaking and honing. 

Worth noting is that among the best performers in any endeavor (we’ll use athletics as an example), some few have been endowed at birth with exceptional physical ability, yet they achieve their greatness, or rise to the top, not merely because they can run faster or jump higher or hit a baseball out of the park more often, but, much more important, because they practice incessantly, training not just their body but their mind — watching film to learn and recognize patterns, visualizing, integrating physical and mental reflex with what they’ve assimilated — because that is the only way to reach the peak. 

In Marquesa’s case, She seems to have been endowed with drop dead good looks and a massively assertive cast of mind, which, for Her chosen field, can be likened to being born able to run faster, but the subsequent training of Her mind cannot be overemphasized.  As the great New York Yankee catcher Yogi Berra, whose maladroit English masked great innate wisdom, once put it, “Ninety percent of the game is half mental.”

But it doesn’t stop here.  We must next inquire into motivation:  What makes certain supremely talented people work in to improve their already high-level performance, while others, blessed with equal talent, just choose to cruise — or to succumb to drugs, alcohol, and more?  What pushes the truly great ones to push themselves incessantly, to practice, work out physically, follow a strict diet, hone their craft, polish their technique, and study film — all in the off-season?  Just imagine how hard they must work during the season! 

For one to rise to, and remain at, the top, this fire, this drive to excel, to outperform all rivals, to go the extra mile to win, to achieve perfection — the competitive flame must burn hot and bright, deep within.  And it is this, I think, that motivates them, makes them the best.  Marquesa Herself does all these — She works out, pays careful attention to Her diet, keeps abreast of recent progress, and seeks constantly to polish and perfect Her technique.  She even watches vidoes to observe new developments.  Surely these work habits help set Her apart from, and elevate Her far above, run-of-the-mill rivals.

Next, what fuels that flame?  The answer to this query, perhaps the one last factor underlying Marquesa’s ascent to the top, is one She shares with others who also strive to be best, and it’s surprisingly simple: She loves what She does. That’s right: She loves Her work.  From Her earliest childhood, She hasn’t just enjoyed, She has derived the most extraordinary psychic pleasure from controlling boys (and later, men); in projecting, asserting and enforcing Her power — Her personal power — over them by persuading, commanding, manipulating, and otherwise enticing them to carry out Her bidding.  She thrives on this as as an Adrenalin junkie thrives on driving a racing car or skydiving out of an airplane.
        To these potent assets, we must add three important personal qualities.  One, much as Marquesa loves Her work, She loves men with equal, and perhaps more, fervor.  Unlike many of Her colleagues, who so hate men that they live to restrain them and then derive the utmost sadistic pleasure in bestowing pain on them and beating them to a pulp, Marquesa enjoys men — mostly so She can collect and control them.  She freely confesses that command and control over men — and not vicariously subjecting them to severe pain — really turns Her on, and this is what She lives for.  Over time, one suspects that clients with emotional issues seem to find themselves attracted to the man-haters, whereas better adjusted clients seem drawn to Marquesa — and Her innate love for them — like so many moths to a flame.  Here holds the old adage that honey attracts more flies, or maybe moths, than vinegar, and Her clients, regardless of whether they are wakeful or sleeping, apparently sense the difference.  If we frame this difference as contrasting business models, many dommes seem to consider themselves in the business of inflicting pain, whereas Marquesa’s business is collecting men.

Marquesa is scrupulously ethical;  some of Her competitors aren’t.  Keep in mind that hypnosis, which can open wide the window into a client’s subconscious, confers a hypno-domme with massive psychological leverage — intimacy and power are two words that came to mind — intimacy with, and power over, Her clients, comparable in influence to what clinical psychologists and psychiatrists enjoy with their clients.  Add to this the inhibitions that hypnosis can remove, and, armed with these, an unscrupulous hypno-domme could easily use either what She’s learned or from acts She convinced a client to perform, to blackmail him, drain his bank account, or otherwise take unfair advantage of him.  Against this temptation, Marquesa has remained unmoving, a veritable Gibraltar of ethical purity.

The last personal quality Marquesa brings into Her practice is judgement, or more accurately, the absence thereof.  Consider:  Many clients gladly bring Her their most tightly held, intimate fantasies and fetishes, personal secrets that they would never confide to anyone else even under torture, secrets that probably most are ashamed to share, fearful that others who learn of them may judge their holder harshly. 
Happily and without reservation, these same clients confide their innermost secrets to Marquesa because they remain supremely secure in the knowledge that She will never judge them.  To the contrary, She offers them the shelter, the safe haven they’ve long sought, a secure fortress, far removed from the prying eyes and ears of others, in which their dreams and fantasies can be realized.  Again, all in strictest privacy.  
Simply put, clients trust Marquesa as they trust no one else, and this trust, perhaps more than the ecstasy to which She guides them, brings them back to Her over and over.  
Lest we forget, trust, like respect, is a quality that, once violated, can never be restored. 

By themselves, each of these assets and personal qualities are interesting.  Marquesa would be first to concede that She boasts no monopoly on them;  undoubtedly, many of Her colleagues share some of them. 
However, few — if any — of Her peers possess all of these qualities.  And when these attributes and factors come bundled up into one package, as is the case with Marquesa, the collective power which they bestow on Her is staggering and awe-inspiring.  
Together, they make Marquesa not merely a pre-eminent hypno-domme but a woman of extraordinary power.
Despite Her current eminence, Marquesa wasn’t born a hypno-domme.  In fact, hypnosis came into Her life neither personally nor professionally until after She had become a dominatrix and had successfully pursued this calling for a number of years.  Most people might assume She began Her apprenticeship in domination by joining up with an experienced practitioner, first watching and then assisting and, in time, performing certain tasks Herself.  
No!  Far from that, She relates that, back in Her rookie days, other dommes, fearful of competition, jealously protected their domain — their clientele — from real and potential encroachments by rivals, and so the last thing they were inclined to do was to hand over their hard won trade secrets like so many Girl Scout cookies to a newcomer, especially one so attractive, talented, and ambitious as Marquesa.  No, no help would be forthcoming from that quarter. 

So how, then, did Marquesa get Her start?  Well, if She wasn’t born a domme, then She must have come pretty close to having been, because from earliest childhood, She seemed…different…from other children:  She was, from the beginning, blessed with a robust, pronounced, assertive streak. 
While other little girls collected dolls, Marquesa collected boys.  
With a naughty, evil chuckle, She recalls that when She was a young child, She was sternly admonished never to return to the home of a little boy with whom She had been invited to play.  Why?  Because She was discovered in the basement spanking him! 
Just think!  As a mere child, this was Marquesa’s idea of a rollicking good time!  Clearly, this was an unmistakable portent of Her future.  Equally clearly, this incident took place long, long before She entered the pay-to-play world, and one assumes that before Her entry into it, many similar occurrences took place. 
I believe Marquesa derives just as much, if not more, enjoyment today as She experienced back in that basement, many years before, when She exerts Her power over men. 
Having such a pronounced, authoritarian, I’m-in-control mind set implanted firmly and deeply into Her psyche, Marquesa’s subsequent entry into the realm of dominance and submission seems an entirely natural progression, as though it had long been predestined.  
Still, Her formal introduction to the field would not take place until She had reached Her 21st birthday, and — no surprise — it would come with the wishful assistance of men who sought to be dominated and apparently judged Her an excellent prospect for that task!

Having recently emigrated from the East Coast to the greater Los Angeles area, perhaps the perfect venue from which to launch Her career, She vividly recounts walking into a sex boutique in West Hollywood with a couple of gentlemen companions and seeing for the first time all manner of exotic fetish costumes, sex toys and implements, and much, much more.  
This visit had to have been a real eye opener.  
While other customers giggled and tittered over the merchandise, Marquesa relates, She was instantly captivated — I hope She forgives me for saying completely mesmerized — by what She saw.  At that moment, She was hooked.  Totally, completely hooked.  
She asked Her escorts what different items were, what they were meant for, and how they were used, and She focused on their answers with laser-like attention.  She left the store with a few purchases, and with them, She was in business.    
 Now, at this fledgling stage in her career, Marquesa surely knew Her rudimentary birds and bees — the basics of sex.  Moreover, perhaps as an outgrowth of Her innate assertiveness, one senses She had come to derive a sexual as well as an emotional and charge, both from inflicting physical pain and from commanding, controlling and manipulating men, having them do Her bidding — especially when they didn’t want to — which then provided, and I believe still affords Her the ultimate triumph and thrill.  

Marquesa had learned how to employ not only Her persuasive powers, but also inflicted pain, sexual arousal, and sheer force of Her will, to bend males to it and so have Her way (She must have found that the best of these was all of these).  Unquestionably, having at the outset such a relentlessly assertive, commanding mind set gave Her a distinct advantage over rivals who are naturally less self-assured and authoritarian, less psychologically disposed inclined to take charge of and control others. 

For example, a number of dommes began their career as prostitutes and shifted over to domination, hardly convincing testimony to them harboring anything like ‘natural,’ bred-in-the-bone dominance.  And many others claim to have started out submissive (read their bio) and along the line, their spots miraculously changed and, somehow, they morphed into dominants.  In contrast, Marquesa, a puppet master from the word Go, never harbored a submissive bone in Her body.  Yet despite the already formidable personality attributes She brought to the table, there remained at the outset of Her professional career unwritten tomes of learning that She would need to assimilate and then master on Her ascent to the pinnacle at which She now sits. 

Despite Her modest start, one presumes the fledgling dominatrix Marquesa to have been attentive, avid and apt, a pupil who applied Herself to Her chosen craft with utmost, intense diligence.  She relates that It was Her early clients who showed Her the proverbial ropes and a whole lot more:  the use of other restraints, the reaction of the body to pain, and all about human sexual response — how to use the lips and tongue and fingers, where to touch, how to touch, key spots on the body that best conduct pleasure and pain.  Her client/mentors would happily share tidbits such as, “If You touch me here, or this way, you drive me wild with pleasure and ecstasy.”  And so Marquesa participated in an extended graduate tutorial and workshop in advanced sexology.  No doubt Her mentors found Her an eager, brilliant student.
Marquesa’s mentors also generously footed the bill for new clothing and toys, and happily tutored Her in their use.  And so as She began to ply Her craft, collecting new implements and amassing a fetish couture, She also began to gain new knowledge and hone Her skills.  After years of practice, She had amassed a formidable body of experience, had become a veritable black belt, both in eliciting human sexual response and in inflicting pain for pleasure — a domain I term the ‘marital arts.’ [One cannot help but notice a striking (pun intended) similarity between the martial arts, in which the artist learns sensitive spots all over the body to which even a light blow can cause great pain, numbness, or disable, and the marital arts, by which the artist learns the body spots most receptive to pain and pleasure, to which the slightest touch can produce the most indescribable pleasure and/or pain and release endorphins beyond measure.  A thin line, indeed — or does a line exist at all? — between the two disciplines.] 
Not all of Marquesa’s training was physical in nature.  Part of the practice, She learned, is visual:  how to appeal to clients to render them maximally receptive to their forthcoming ‘therapy.’  Being young, extremely good looking, and sexy as hell didn’t hurt.  She relates that She worked out religiously in a gym, both to build physical strength and to keep Her well endowed body in tip-top shape.  But by itself, a sexy body wasn’t enough.  She either  learned, or intuitively understood, that it takes more than a good body, it is the total visual package — the hairdo, makeup, manner of dress, and what She dressed in; in other words, visual stimuli that project mystery, drama, carnal excitement, forbidden fruit, and seduction — that all of these contribute to the optimal client experience.   
Yet the best client experience went much far beyond mere outward appearance.  No doubt, Marquesa also learned that psychodrama and psychology share the same linguistic root for a reason.  Even more, She discovered a truth that would not only serve Her well at that moment but an order of magnitude more, down the road:  that the most powerful sex organ lies not between the legs but between the ears.  

Marquesa loved what She was doing, which only fueled to the driving urge to control men that burns so hot inside Her.  And as Her lessons took hold, as Her mastery increased in sophistication and progressed into the physical and mental aspects of domination — integrating pain, pleasure and sexual titillation into Her already formidable powers of command and persuasion — Marquesa must have taken the greatest pleasure in discovering so many more levers by which She could control men, bend them to Her will, and motivate them to carry out Her demands and commands.  She began collecting men in increasing numbers.  And, without knowing it, She almost certainly was using a rudimentary form of hypnosis on Her clients, as do all the best practitioners of the sexual arts, especially those in domination.  Moreover, She was using it beneath Her clients’ conscious awareness, which brings us to the end of this chapter in Her development.
{Herewith a quick aside:  I believe that all dommes worthy of the name, regardless of whether they explicitly use hypnosis in their practice, use hypnosis anyway, many unknowingly.  Consider an introductory visit to a ‘vanilla’ domme (who explicitly eschews the use of hypnosis in Her practice):  After the normal greeting pleasantries, She addresses Her charge with a simple directive, “Take off your clothes.  All of them.”  [Translation:  Bare yourself to Me. This is a command, not a request].  After the client complies, She continues, “Kneel Look down at my feet, and listen closely to MY instructions.  [Translation:  Submit yourself to ME!  Focus on My voice, on ME!  Note that each successive command builds upon the prior one and increasingly conditions the client to obey.]  As of this moment, and until I release you, you belong to Me.  Only to Me.  You — your body and your mind — are Mine — My possession, My property.  You will always address Me as Goddess. You will speak only when spoken to. You will always carry out all My commands and instructions instantly, without hesitation, without question.  You exist only to please Me, to serve Me, to service Me.  Pleasing Me and serving Me AND ONLY ME is now the sole reason for your existence.  Henceforth, My pleasure will be your pleasure, and so you will derive your greatest pleasure from giving Me pleasure [This last, an extremely potent suggestion.  Taking full control over the client].  From now on, you will always address Me as Goddess, and you will worship Me as your Supreme Goddess.  Do you understand?”   “Yes, Goddess.”  …and so on….
With this introduction, the domme not only captures — and I use this word deliberately — the attention and imagination of Her client, but She also explicitly sets the tone for the remainder of the therapy session, and — this is critical — knowingly or unknowingly, takes full psychological (if not yet physical) control over Her client, who unknowingly — and spontaneously — morphs from client into subject and, for all intents and purposes, enters a light trance.  (Marquesa, who, incidentally, relates that She employed a similar introduction for first time clients, disagrees in part, believing that this prelude does not explicitly place clients in hypnosis.)  To be sure, vanilla  dommes who employ these words of initiation know full well that they are taking control of their sub, but most have only the faintest inkling of the massive suggestive power of the edicts they have just delivered.  And so, despite such a promising, if unintended, venture across the threshold and into the realm of hypnosis, many of them still shy away from openly embracing it.  

Mostly, they do so out of unfamiliarity and a lack of enlightenment:  they know little or nothing about hypnosis and so they ignore it; or, out of simple fear of the unknown, they they shun it; or, they dismiss it as bunk, a hokey practice but not really serious stuff…and on and on.  

Other vanilla dommes, who are fully aware of the therapeutic use of hypnosis, either judge it (mistakenly, I believe) to have no place in their practice or they remain either uninterested in its use or unwilling to either learn or pay to learn it, much less explore its potential application to their practice.}
Now, up to this point in Her career, Marquesa had had no formal training or instruction of any sort in hypnosis, and so knowingly employing hypnosis to enhance Her domination practice remained far outside Her repertoire.  To be sure, in learning, mastering, and orchestrating human sexual response, especially its psychological side, She must have been most proficient, if not exquisitely good, but as for knowingly using hypnosis, no…not yet.  Now, Marquesa did know about hypnosis:  She’d seen it used — or purportedly used — in everything from comic books, kiddy cartoons, variety shows, sit-coms, B-movies, magazines. and who knows where else.  

Then came Her eye opening moment, or moments.  At almost the same time, and without colluding with each other, a couple of clients asked — actually begged — Marquesa to hypnotize them while She dominated them. “I don’t know anything about hypnosis,” She protested. “That’s all right,” they pleaded, “Here’s a book on the subject.  Just read out loud from the pages that tell how to induce it, and then do Your thing to me.”  Ever eager to accommodate Her clients’ wishes, Marquesa complied, opening the book to the chapter indicated.  And without realizing it, She was also opening a new chapter in Her own life, one that would bring massive change, not just professionally, but personally — to Her very life itself. 
Marquesa stumbled through Her first few hypnosis sessions, completely unknowing and unaware of what She was doing.  She recounts with a wry chuckle that the first time She ‘tried’ to hypnotize a client, She did not believe him truly hypnotized;  instead, She thought, he was just ‘playing along’ with Her, play-acting out Her suggestions.  
Whether playing along or not, he must have really enjoyed his experience, because he returned to Her again and again for more.  

And so She continued to ‘hypnotize’ Her lucky client, and as She did so, She began to notice that, with each succeeding session, his body became more and more relaxed, and, reflecting his ever deepening relaxation, his facial physiognomy underwent increasing lack of tonus, taking on a flaccidity unlike anything She had ever seen before.  
He also seemed more and more receptive to Her commands and suggestions.  
Also, and perhaps most critical, with his natural waking inhibitions dampened through suggestion, She found Herself able to elicit reactions to certain commands and stimuli and have him perform feats and carry out tasks he couldn’t or wouldn’t accomplish while he was ‘awake.’  

And then, accompanied, no doubt, by a massive, electric sexual charge, three critical realizations hit Her like a bolt of lightning:  Holy Cow!  He really IS hypnotized;  Second, I — Goddess Marquesa — actually hypnotized him; And finally, Yes!  There really is something to this hypnosis stuff.  And at that instant, She wanted to learn more, had to learn more. 
Clearly, for Marquesa, this indoctrination to hypnosis unsophisticated and unschooled though it surely was, still must have been as much an eye opener as that first visit, years before, to the sex toy emporium in West Hollywood.  

Again, She was hooked, hooked just as much as, and maybe even more than She had been at the toy store.  Also worth noting is that Marquesa boasted the imagination and prescience to grasp the potential benefits that hypnosis could confer upon an experienced dominatrix with Her unique personality attributes.  She also possessed the confidence, determination and initiative — the old fashioned Moxie — to advance and expand Her practice into this new realm.  
Following this Eureka! moment, Marquesa hastily obtained a couple of books on hypnosis.  Reading them, employing the techniques they described, and being indelibly impressed and ecstatically delighted with the results, not only further spurred Her interest, but turned it into a raging passion, an obsession.  
Here before Her lay a beguiling, intoxicating, new realm of domination, beckoning, inviting Her exploration; a venue that afforded a vigorous, forceful means to interact with clients.
A revelation (a high) more exciting because it conferred an infinitely greater buzz on Her and Her clients alike. 
Here was an exciting means through which She could impose, amplify and project Her will, Her power.  
Here was a tool that provided direct access to Her clients’ inner mind, had them respond acutely to Her commands and suggestions, and produced results which far exceeded anything She had enjoyed previously.  
Here was a way to create and impose mental bonds through which She could not merely restrain, but control, completely control, grown men.  

By controlling a client’s mind, She instantly realized, She also controlled his cock and balls — and his wallet.  So indestructible are these bonds that chains, ropes and handcuffs — the standard restraints in vanilla domination — pale in comparison.  And so profound would be the resulting change in Her mastery, in Her raw power over Her patrons, that it transformed them from clients into subjects — Hers and only Her subjects — and not mere hypnotic subjects, but openly worshipful, adoring subjects.  

No doubt buoyed by Her early successes, and having the good sense to realize that there was more, so much more, to learn and master, Marquesa wasted no time in enrolling in formal courses in hypnosis.  Fueled by the excitement of what lay in store (and also by a massive charge of sexual energy), She was as serious about pursuing studies in Her newfound craft as She had been in learning about bondage and submission, perhaps more so.  

In time, Her efforts bore fruit; She completed Her coursework and became duly certified as a hypnotherapist.  Numerous clients, clinical and fetish alike, became subjects of Her practice.  But wait:  Wasn’t Marquesa still a practicing domme, and a hypno-domme at that?  
Yes.  And, moreover, She still practiced vanilla dominance along with hypno-dominance.  So then, why hypnotize ‘civilians,’ instead of concentrating on Her submissives?  
I have come to know that performing vanilla hypnotherapy alongside Her hypno-dominance practice offered our fledgling hypnotist a golden opportunity to learn the practice and master Her craft — and get paid for Her apprenticeship, to boot.  
Here were dozens more opportunities to learn by doing, to meet and work with a much wider range of clients — and many more of them — than She could have possibly worked with solely as a domme. 
So did Marquesa attempt to hypnotically entice or convert plain vanilla clients, who came to Her for weight loss and smoking cessation, over into the other side of Her practice?  No, She replies, that was an ethical line beyond which She never crossed.  And, I submit, Her unbending refusal to poach for new fetish subjects in her vanilla preserve suggests that She follows a pretty strict series of ethical guidelines.  

She tells me, though, that She will give constructive suggestions to fetish clients when they respectfully ask Her to do so, and occasionally, She will gratuitously impart constructive suggestions if She feels a client needs them — there is a pronounced generous side to Her nature.  
Nevertheless, Marquesa adds, again with a smile, a number of Her vanilla clients became so addicted to being hypnotized that they would return to Her again and again, just to mellow out and enjoy a hypno-high.

As time went by, Marquesa’s knowledge of, and experience in, hypnosis gradually but surely grew, and with them, Her skills evolved to the point that they became extremely formidable.  Equally important, so did Her confidence, which plays a central role in the practice of a first-class hypnotist.  
And as Her skills evolved, so also did Her domination practice, from a combination of vanilla dominance and hypno-dominance to almost all hypno-dominance, while Her vanilla practice slowly dissolved, leaving Her almost exclusively a full time hypno-domme.  

Her increasing concentration in hypno-dominance improved the results She obtained.  And still Her skills, buoyed by a deep, genuine love for Her craft, coupled with an incredible knack for controlling and manipulating men and an almost monomaniacal sense of self-confidence….fueled by the sexual charge She experiences by imposing Her will, continued to broaden and deepen in a mutually reinforcing circle.  
This constant repetition — as unceasing reps do for the best athletes — progressed for years, and served to refine Her induction and use of hypnosis, with the result that Her technique became increasingly more elegant and subtle.  

Eventually, it would lead Her to so influence people that Her suggestions and commands began to fall beneath their conscious awareness.  When Marquesa initially began to use hypnosis, achieving such sublime — and subliminal — mastery over Her craft was the last thing She could have dreamed about, much less explicitly hoped or planned to achieve.  Moreover, Her mastery came not as a result of any plan or design; rather, it accrued to Her unknowingly, slowly seeping into Her consciousness through practice and evolution:  She just simply began to do it.  Such magisterial command of this oral — or aural? [you choose!] — alchemy, to me, denotes a consummate professional, a true master. 
To elaborate, Marquesa learned to use more than Her carefully modulated voice while seamlessly, effortlessly, reflexively integrating Her visual assets — Her sexy good looks, Her well endowed body, gestures and facial expressions — to influence clients and civilians alike.  

She can, and when She so chooses, She will persuade, influence, manipulate, command, and otherwise direct peoples’ attention where She wants it.  This occurs so routinely and covertly that Her subjects often remain blissfully unaware that they are being influenced or even hypnotized.  

As Her skills and powers grew more and more commonplace and familiar, She began to employ them — unconsciously — outside Her practice, in real life.  In other words, She has undergone a steadily cognitive metamorphosis through which hypnosis has become a central way by which She can relate to, and communicate with, the world in day to day life.  
And so hypnosis in Her life has come full circle, having evolved from Her vanilla domme days of unknowingly using it on clients, to today, when She casually and unknowingly employs it on all comers whenever it suits Her.   
Does this mean Marquesa has morphed into a human hypno-machine, some sort of android who goes around, blithely and vicariously, hypnotizing everyone who crosses Her path?  
Or can She, and does She, hypnotize all comers just by looking into their eyes or by asking them to buy Her a drink?  
Or is She a Wicked Witch, casting hypnotic spells on unsuspecting victims, a Malevolent Medusa or Maleficent who hypnotically transforms would-be princes into fawning frogs (maybe in my case, a toad)?  
No!  Of course not.  However, I believe that when it pleases Her, She prowls the night spots around Her new Florida home like the sharks that silently cruise the nearby Gulf beaches, both seeking prey:  for the sharks, sustenance; and for Marquesa, new and interesting men to add to Her ever expanding collection.  
And if She seeks something from someone, or desires someone to do something, and, especially, when She is within earshot, there will be a very strong likelihood She will have Her wish fulfilled.  

Her powers of communication — direct, subliminal, covert — Her ability to persuade, to influence, are matched by very few, and, coupled with Her desire to get what She wants from people, especially men, make Her a woman of extraordinary power.

So there are other women like Marquesa?  Yes, almost certainly.  Perhaps a handful in the US, some in Europe, and some elsewhere.  However, this is only a guess, and I have no idea as to how one might obtain a remotely accurate census of all the truly masterful hypno-dommes out in the world.  Also consider:  there may lurk practitioners who pursue their craft without advertising their skills; like the shoe wearers in Nike commercials, they just do it. 

In any event, Dear Reader, through our reading, listening, video watching, and maybe even meeting Her in person, we are fortunate to meet one of the very best hypno-dommes extant, one who I believe, without any pretense of objectivity, affords us all the most enjoyable, even sublime entertainment, and, for a favored few, a great deal more.  And finally, I hope this brief, amateurish biographical note reveals an interesting glimpse not only into how Marquesa became what She is and got where She is, but some idea of what She is like as a person.
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