About Me

The Unlimited POWER of the IMAGINATION
The Evocative POWER of WORDS
The Vast, Untapped POWER of the HUMAN MIND
The Extraordinary POWER of HYPNOSIS to Access the Recesses of the  Mind


To follow your dreams, to explore, to go where you have never been before. And then experience the POWER and the *Magick* that takes place.

Are you a man whose fascination with hypnosis has finally gotten the better of him? Of course you are! And because you are exploring My website, I know you find hypnosis fascinating, captivating; and, no doubt, you are curious, you wonder what it takes to become hypnotized, wonder what it feels like to go into hypnosis. I’d bet that you have, and that you have long nurtured, special feelings about hypnosis; you have special hypno-dreams, -fetishes, or -fantasies, and inwardly, you yearn, perhaps desperately yearn, to meet someone with whom you can share them. Someone empathetic, someone unique, someone understanding, someone extraordinary, someone powerful — who can help you explore your yearnings and bring them to life. That’s why you’re here now, isn’t it? That’s right! You’ re here to explore, you really want to explore! So read on… And so, yes, you have special feelings and desires and urges you’d like to share with a trusted, unique, powerful woman? Stubborn urges that not only won’t go away, but you’ve also found that the more you try to repress them they just keep coming back stronger. Persistent desires so strong they often leave you feeling unfulfilled and frustrated, so very frustrated, yet you keep them so tightly bottled up that, often, you feel you’re about to explode? Desires that fairly cry out for relief and fulfillment? And so, yes, you have cravings, passions, lusts and desires you’d love to experience — just as we all do — but up to now, you’ve had no one to share them with? No one, even, to just talk to about them? Well, LOOK NO FURTHER! That’s right, I am here. I can and will guide you in your journey, I will bring your dreams from deep down inside to fruition, to life. And I will help you create new dreams. Yes! I hold the answers to your dreams. In fact, I AM the answer to your dreams. Yes, I AM YOUR DREAM! I have spent years, first, as a dominatrix and, later, both as a certified hypnotherapist — and as a hypno-dominatrix. And My clients come to Me, or more accurately, they come back to Me again and again because once they’ve experienced My special energy, My special skills, they just cannot get enough of Me. Why? Because they find Me at once naturally sensitive and empathetic — but mostly, I believe, because they find My persona intensely and irresistibly magnetic and compelling. And, I have years of experience in bending men to My will. Fantasy fulfillment is My specialty. Let Me make your fantasies and dreams come true; I can create them, even be them. Let Me guide you to your own Unique Nirvana. No yearning, no fantasy, is too far afield to share with Me. In fact, almost certainly, I’ve worked with clients with the same fantasy, so you’re not alone. Nor will you be when you call Me. And I’m completely non-judgmental, so there’s no need to feel bashful or shy. I’m also totally discrete, and My services are completely confidential. And when you call Me, you honor Me because, by doing so, you may be sharing with Me never-revealed intimacies, intimacies you’ve never divulged to anyone else, and knowing that humbles Me and tickles Me all over. I am anxious to hear from you, just as anxious as you are to talk to Me. That’s right! You know you’d love to talk to Me, you’d love to just hear My voice.
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