Society of Circe

A sexy chauffeur and two entranced hotties limo drive you wild and into a sensuous Female Supremacists? Shangri-la. Sundry, slinky scientific sex goddesses hott!-suggestively sexperiment on you!

27+ Minutes, 12 Megabytes


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be whisked away to a wonderful world where Worshipful Women wield absolute authority? Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be the subject of slinky scientists’ arousing research and aphrodisiacal development? Well, My daunting dude, now your fantasy can quickly and easily become your hott!-erotic reality! “How?” you ask. Here is how, My gourmet guinea pigs.

I introduce to you, the passionate powers of My latest recording, “Society of Circe”. In this alluring audio, you are expectantly sitting with cell phone in hand. However, you have no idea what you are anxiously awaiting. Suddenly, a sexy chauffeur sensuously slithers up to you. Quick as a wink, she guides you into a limousine. As this dazzling driver tantalizingly takes you to parts unknown, your attention is occupied by two mesmerizing and mesmerized maidens.

Before you know it, you have arrived at your destination and your destiny! It turns out this Shangri-la is the hidden headquarters of the Society of Circe. In this secret society, sensually beautiful, highly intelligent, and highly horny Female Supremacists cleverly conduct male mind control erotic x-periments! It is revealed that you are here to service their needs and to serve as their subject.

According to Homer, the irresistible enchantress Circe possessed the power to transform men into swine. What will the magnificent members of the “Society of Circe” tantalizingly transmogrify you into? Cum and join these Lusty Ladies of the Laboratory. Acquire “Society of Circe” and perhaps it will be this risque‚ recording and Mistress Marquesa which will absolutely acquire you!?

27+ Minutes


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