Compulsion (Masturbation Addiction)

I mesmerizingly arouse your compulsion to: Masturbate at My command! Watch hot! Julie and exotic Dhalia. Obey My novel self-pleasuring technique-implanting post entrancing suggestions!

30 Minutes, 229 Meg


I well-built this video to AROUSE and upsize your COMPULSION for self-pleasuring.

Watching ‘exotique? Dhalia’s youthful, HOT!-bodied sexiness feeds your COMPULSION for stimulating yourself.

My SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE post entrancing suggestions ENLARGE your COMPULSION for pleasuring yourself, and increase your pleasures each time you obey.

your COMPULSION to obey Me is, and feels, better each time you DO IT!

Mistress Julie REVEALS MORE! Than her COMPULSION to help Me make you release when I give the WORDS OF SEDUCTION.

The novel, very sensuous self-pleasuring technique I insert in you fuels your COMPULSION for Me and pleasuring.

The wake-up I use is COLORFUL.

Succumbing, surrendering, submitting to this video’s potencies makes Me your strongest COMPULSION to enjoy intimate self-gratification.

As soon as you’re ready, willing, and eager to embrace this decadent destiny, yield to your COMPULSION and start enjoying COMPULSION ASAP!
30 Minutes


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