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A Fresh Opportunity for My Darling Pets!

Hello My Darling Playthings, You have been listening and lusting to my salacious audio and video recordings haven’t you my precious playthings? Of course you

What you have always wanted.

Mystic Mistress Goddess Marquesa… What you have always wanted. Yes!  Even over the phone, you will naturally begin to FEEEL MY AURA, FEEEL THE MAGNETIC

A Pet’s Panty Fantasy

The following is a piece written to me by one of my pretty panty pets:   The two panty masturbation set, or technique is something

Bewitching Black Hole

“I know you are familiar with the concept of a black hole, which refers to a star that is collapsing on itself, and as it

Seasons Greetings My Precious Pets

  My wonderful Christmas Pets… If you look below, to my Hypno-Erotica notification, you will see a link to my most recent Christmas story, “A

Why is Erotic Hypnosis Feared So Much?

Why is Erotic Hypnosis Feared So Much? Fear is a frequent response to whoever or whatever is believed to be “not normal.”  Anybody or anything

A Lunar Ritual

The following is an actual email exchange between me and one of my eagerly enthralled pets. By letting yourself go and indulging in my powerfully

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