EYYE choose to share with you wizzdom EYYE’ve gleaned through many, many years of working with men…years of..bringing Heel!! — of bringing them..under MYY Kontrol annd..innto MYYY Powwerr..NOOWWW!!...Evverry mann — including “Alpha males” and men boasting great physical strength — evenn bullies — *ALLLL* men share one important trait in commonWhich izzz?It’s juust *THISSS*:  

Evvven those angry bulls..snort and paw the ground…

They *ALLLL* need to COME BE-FORE A STRONNG, ALLL-POWWERRFUL WOMAN — not just any woman but..before a *troully*StronngForcefull!…*DOMMINNANNT!!*…*SOUPEERRIOR** WOMAN — that rare Woman who simply *HAS IT* — that woman endowed with SOUPREEME POWWERR — endowed with that scarce golden combination of SOVEREIGN INNER STRENGTH of personality coupled with that DOMMINNANNT EROTIQUE SEXXX!-ual MASSTERee for which *ALLLReeall MEN yearn…Yeeesss!!!…Naturally..SEXXX!-ual  Powwerr plays a role — a..veeerrry prominent role — in this mix…And when these men — these alpha males — encounter that rare..troully DOMINANNT WOMANN — THAT SEXXX!ually DOMMINNANNT WOMAN — that ALPHA FEMALE — 

These menn *ALLLL* INSTINCTIVELEE…REFLEXXIVELEE…and NATURRALLEE..DEE-FERR TO HER!!That’s Right!!…You..musst..see annd underrstand..that…YOU CANNOT HELP DOINNG SOWhy??…Because your SUBMITT!!-ing TO SUCH A as old as human kind itself…Becauzze SUBMISSION is hard-wired into your male DNA...That’s Right!!…

The Deeep-seated NEED and the often-repressed DESIRE to..SUBMIT is  WIRED AS STRONGLY AND Deeeplee INTO YOUR MALE DNA AS YOU BEING BORN WITH A COCK ANND TWO BALLSHers IZZZ the POWWER you’ve *ALLLWAYYS* been yearninng forr…the Powwerr you’ve ALLLWAYYS been hoping and waiting for…the Powwerr to which — DOWWN DEEEP — WAAYYYY DOWWWN DEEEEP — you’ve ALLLWAYYS wanted to kowtow — the power to which YOU HAVE *ALLLLWAYYS* Neeeded to kowtow —  the Powwerr you’ve ALLLLWAYYS dreampt of someday meeting — the Powwerr about which you’ve long fanntassizzed and to which you’ve ALLLWAYYS needed to..suh-COMME!…

Annd..if you are so foolish as to think you can resist MEEE — so foolish as to even tryyy to hold out against MYYY..Irreezzisstable POWWERR, you are in for a rude awakening…because by employinng MYYY..Irrezzisstable Powwerr..EYYE CANN REDUCE — and EYYE have reduced — the strongest men innto..quiverrinng blobs of jellied protoplazzzm — without ee-ven raizzing..*Myyy Voyycce*!!!And..With the mosst innsolent eazze..EYYE can do the verry sayyme to youuJusssst..THINK ABOUT THAT!!

             NOOOWW at this time, deep…deeeep dowwn inside…soooo verrry deeep may not be consciouss-lee aware..of it…YOU are beginning to..REAALLIZZE THAT..*EYYE AMM A VEEERY POWWERR-FULL WOMAN!!* — far the most powerful woman you’ve evverr encountered — and so..NaturalleeYou want to learrn  more about Me...more about what EYYE can doo — Learn about what EYYE can do — what EYYE can dooo..tooo you annnd forr youYeeesss!!!You finnd MYY Powwers and skills…Myyy Naturrall Magnetizzm…annd MYYY SEXXX!ual DOMMINNANCE..attracktive…allurrinng…captivatinng…fasscinnatinng — absolutelee fasscinnatinng…And so YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE — YOU ARE EAGER TO LEARRN MORRE…

Annd so EYYE shall continue on, and..YOU WILL READ EACH ANND EVVERRY WORRD EYYE SAY…And you will finnd MYY Worrds at once fasscinating and a-RESST!-inng…That’s Right!!!!…Now it may surprise you to learn that..people can be hypnotized without their knowledgeThat’s Riiight!!!

But that’s not you might think after you..CONNSIDER THAT YOU..ENNTERR *Hypnosis*!!..when you be-COME compleetelee engrossed in lisstening to an a-RESSSST!!inng speaker or in watching a movie or TV program or reading a good book or even when you..beCOME absorbed inn lissstenninng to music or in doing a job or chore around the house…Yeeessss!!…You..ENNTERR *Hypnosis*!!annd..You don’t even realize you’ve have done so!!Yeeeesss!!!…I’m’ve done this — We *ALLL* do..on occassion.   

But having said that, it’s also possible for a *Hypnosis*..exxpert — a true Hypno-*MASSTERR* — to induce a state of *Hypnosis* in Her subjects without their knowledge…That’s Right!!!….

Her subjects are..oblivious to having been hypnotized — *Commpleetelee* jusst entered trance...Yeeessss!!!...Don’ find that thought..fassinatinng??

Jusst IMAAGINE!…being able to induce *Hypnosis* in a subject and yet have him unaware..annd REMAIN UNAWARE!! — compleetelee unaware — he’s been hypnotized…NOOW..gainninng this..ulltimate..soupreemelevel of..COMMANND — of pre-DOMINNANCE..of MASSTERyy — gainninng this skill entails an of...Oral Alchemy

Perrsonnal PowwerrSEXXX!ual Powwerr…annd Kontrollinng annd Traininng the Minnd — MYY Owwn Minnd — along with MYYY SEXXX!ee boddy….commbinned with the moost profounnd Innsight Deeeep Dowwn innto the psyche of MYYY subjects, annd the Deeepesst Emmpathee — an emmpathee..sooo deeeep..that it  borders on readinng their minnnds…and this..MASSTERyy Dee-mannds years and years of study and practice, annd yet to..*MASSTERR* the craft of *Hypnosis* at a advanced level so advannced…soo refined…sooo evollved.. and to..*MASSTERR* clinical and therapeutic treatments for MYYY subjects when YOU all COME TOO MEE!!…knowing MYYY each and evvery subject to be..different…youneeque…spesshialll — 

Annd to..*MASSTERR* how to treat..each and evverry Subject..along with their you-neeque issues and *Spesshiall Needs*..when they..COME to MEEE!!…Such *MASSTER*ery takes years to attain, and, like a 10th Degree Black Belt Martial Artist, a Hypno-MASSTERR who possesses such extreeeme skill personally enjoys — and Konntrolls — Powwerrs that few can comprehend, much less appreciate.  Following years of clinical and therapeutic study and practice, and after years of hands-on field work, EYYE have not merely used, but EYYE have totally integrated and thoroughly MASSTERR-ed the basic channels — Vizzual, Feeeelinng, Voyycce — annd..of course..SEXXX!ual — of relating to MYYY subjects –*ALLLL* MYYY Subjects…

Annd through these channels, EYYE have be-


exxpert in communicating — 

vizzualee…kinesthetickleee…oraleee…annd…annd esspesshialleee.. SEXXX!ualee — with MYYY subjects, and 

inducing them innto different *

states* of consciousness..

of course…annd espesshialee….SEXXX!

uall Arouzzall

Annd so EYYE converse — EYYE converrse..eazzilee and effortlesslee…with both the outer minnd..*and the inner minnd*…And..eazzzinng baack and fortrh between the outer mind and..the inner as much second nature to MEEE as when a MASSTERf’llee accomplisshhed multi-lingualist shiffts from one tongue into the otherr

Fluenntlee…Naturalee…Unconsciousssssss-lee…and MASSSTERR-f’lee...Deffftlee uzzzinng MYYY linguisstick skills annd the POWWERR of *MYYY Spesshiall Voyycce* to infuzze annd insinuate MYY worrrds annd ideas — MYYY suggesstions annd Kommannds!…Deeep..Deeeep..into the Deeeepesst! recessesses and crannies and crevices of the inner minnd…Uzzinng MYY *Spesshiall Voyycce* to plannt and implannt MYY suggesstions annd Kommannds like sooo many seeds into that mosst ferrtile soil — the fertile soil of the inner minnd where..when they are ready..they can germinate Fruition...

Uzzinng also the Powwerr of *MYYY Spesshiall Voyyce* to sedouce.. to addickt — to *slavishlee addickt* — the mayyle minnd — *Y*o*u*r* Minnd — to *MYYY Voyyce* — annd too MEEE!!…

Uzzinng the POWWERR of *MYYY Spesshiall Voyycce* to teazze..probe..quesstionn..manipulate..annd *espesshiallee* KOMMANND ANND KONNTROLL the inner minnd — *Your* inner minnnd!…And *ALLLL* MYY be Kontrolled and MEEE!!..because that need is deeeplee embedded in their male DNA…Annd so your inner mind accepts..Without Quesstion..

*ALLLL* MYYY *Spesshiall Worrds annd Suggesstions..annd Kommands*!!That’s Right!!!…And by uzzing — by harnesssinng — the senses of Sight, Feel and Touch annd by uzzinng *MYY Spesshiall Voyycce* singly or together, you are merely putty in MYYY hands...

EYYE build, shape, train, and mould MYY subjects to the highest, mosst exxactinng standards — to MYYY Standards!Yeesss!!!…Annd Eyye WILLL transform you into exactly who and what *EYYYE* want you to be.   And, in turn, you will COME to want to be..for MEE..*allll*..that EYYE want you to bee…*allll* that you can be — 

that *you* want to be — annd you will COME to DO — all that..EYYE WILL MAKE YOU.  Quite simply,  *YOU*WOULDN’T*WANT*TO*BE*ANYTHING*ELSE* — *YOU*WOULDN’T*WANT*TO*DO*ANYTHINNG*ELSE…


That’s Right!!!…

Goddess Marquesa

Goddess Marquesa

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