Relax My Darling

33+ Minutes, 253 Megabytes


“Relax, my darling” let your entrancement-seeking eyes look deeper and deeper into sensuous Simone’s ever-increasingly enticing eyes.
“Relax, my darling!” rapturously rest your gaze on Simone’s voluptuous hypno-hooters revealed in her sexy PVC catsuit.
“Relax, my darling” my posthypnotic suggestions  help you arouse your eternal love quantity and quality!
Embrace the pleasures awaiting you!  With my sweet guidance we can make your life as passionate and pleasurable as possible!
“Relax, my darling” there are more mesmerizing visions and aural aphrodisiacs for you to enjoy in this video vision….but let them be a surprise!
All you have to do is watch my recording and…. “Relax, my darling.”

33+ Minutes, 253 Megabytes


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