Alien Alteration (Mind Invasion)

31 Minutes, 232 Megabytes


Even if you don’t remember “”My Favorite Martian”” you’ve got lots of very pleasurable reasons this
SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE cosmic enchantress will become your favorite extraterrestrial, lover!!!

* Thanks to her beautiful
BODACIOUS BOOBS and my mesmerizing voice, each time you enjoy ALIEN ALTERATION you can have a great night’s sleep or a
* Sensuously spellbinding sleep dancers ever-increasingly tantalize you.
* As you “”Look deeper into my star sirens eyes””, we AROUSE! more than your relaxation.
* There is more to this fantasy you will hear and see but for now….You know more than enough reasons my ALIEN ALTERATION video is your passionate partner in my Krystal Mesmerizing mind invasion.

1 review for Alien Alteration (Mind Invasion)

  1. Bill

    Heavenly effect of Alien Alteration

    I’m not necessarily intrinsically a huge sci-fi fan and the concept behind this session is a bit unusual, but Krystal managed to weave anunusually potent induction even by her highly ensorcelling standards with this latest creation. Between very sensual vocal tones, a barrage of unusual and erotic images and several nested very hypnotic, relaxing inductions, my conscious mind didn’t stand much chance of resisting (although I’m not sure if I subconsciously remembered I had a conscious mind during much of this session). Towards the end, whenthe subject is deep in trance, Krystal gives some very nice constructive positive post-hypnotic suggestions that are designed to alter the listener in the most positive ways. And the climax is – well climatic and quite erotic. So do be careful with this trance – I definitely left it “altered” by the images of a a few “heavenly” bodies and certainly by Krystal’s “heavenly” voice – you probably will too. Alien Alteration


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