The Instruction (Deep Wonderific Suggestion)

31 Minutes, 242 Megabytes


For much MORE! than multiplying your passions-pumping pleasures, follow THE INSTRUCTION.

 Look into my mesmerizing crystal SPHERE OF INFLUENCE and rest your gaze DEEPER AND DEEPER into my eye-catching Emerald Eyes invite you, sweetie.

 See! slinky Simone gets into being mesmerized by my eyes too.

 Virtually see and feel there’s much more intimately intense grownup fun and games for you and me to play when you look into my crystal ball…. with dancing girl!

 While THE INSTRUCTION and other tantalizers turn you on, my postwonderific suggestions successfully turn up your subconscious abilities to succeed as you focus on Simone’s bewitiching breasts… are highly motivating!

You may also find one of my postwonderific suggestions is SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, mouthwatering, and DELICIOUS.”

31 Minutes, 242 Megabytes



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