Keeping you a-BREAST

An alluring and voluptuous variety of bare and bewitching breasts. Mutually stimulating, multi-sensory, sensually passionate pleasures. I hott!-arouse you to enjoy even MORE! then these titillations.

28+ Minutes, 26 Megabytes


What can feed a baby and feed the right man’s fantasies and dreams come true?

I’m hott!-hedonistically Keeping you a-Breast of how much you hunger and thirst for attractive women’s luscious breasts.

I’m Keeping you a-BREAST of how much you desire to look at mind’s eye-catching bosoms.

I’m Keeping you a-BREAST of An Inescapable Truth:

“A woman’s mouthwatering breasts feel finger licking O!!! so goooood to the last drops of passion carrying you deeper and deeper into My trancing you.

I’m Keeping you A-BREAST of the mouthfuls of tongue-tying pleasures suckling a sensuality partner’s voluptuous breasts yields you both.

Some people believe television AKA “the BOOB tube” programs viewers minds.

My silky smooth voice programs you to arouse and increase your enjoyment of the right women’s knockout knockers in your copy of My “Keeping you a-BREAST.” training audio.

28+ Minutes


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