“My Original Trance Training CD! This MUST-HAVE AND MUST-LISTEN-TO audio recording was created as, and now is, my PRIMARY trance inducing and POST HYPNOTIC SUGGESTION TRAINING RECORDING!

You will achieve a DEEPER, more pleasurably powerful state of tantalizing trance than you ever imagined possible! While feeling such sweeping tsunamis of sweltering, persuasively pervasive passion, you will surely surrender your SEX and sink deeper and deeper down into spellbinding sleep as never before!

I will then plant a *special* trigger word into your subconscious….which you will forget….and which you will NEVER forget! This recording is required repetitive listening for all hypno-fascinated followers who certainly crave the wonderful feeling of “”letting go”” that comes only from entering into a “”genuinely”” deep trance soothingly and salaciously spawned by mesmerizing me!!


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