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Femdom Entrancement

I’m glad you asked Me so nicely.  Guess what?  There’s no single definition or description of entrancement that everybody will agree to.  Some people believe entrancement is a natural state of focused concentration on some particular thing.  (For example, perhaps one day will you become deliciously lost in reverie as you keep on gazing into My magnificently magical emerald eyes?)  Others are convinced being entranced is a deepened degree of relaxation.  That’s one reason many say being entranced is like a kind of sleeeeep.

There are still others who’ll declare entrancement must always include some kind of suggestion or command that you do, feel, or believe some thing.

Here’s an example of an entrancing suggestion I command you to contemplate and carry out.  “your magnifying desire for Goddess Marquesa’s entrancement will stimulate you to become more successful and successfully compliant to Me.” If I ever share any kind(s) of entrancing encounter with you, your entrancing experience may include all three of these items and even more than you imagined!


My potential pet, isn’t My own special brand of erotic entrancement increasingly fascinating you each moment you ponder what may happen?  Maybe you are feeling your desire for it growing even as you read My words are flowing into your mind like an unstoppable river of sprouting seedlings.  It’s very good for you to obey your cravings for My entrancing touch of the classiest influencing you and more fun and adventures to come….

Sometimes erotic entrancement involves capturing and captivating your attention with some object or physical attribute you’re automatically attracted to.  Many (like yourself) have been animal magnetized to Me by My marvelous breasts, a pretty pendant, My unforgettable legs, or other treasures.

Sensual entrancement is often used to explore, amplify, and/or expand the mesmerized individual’s sensual stimulation and pleasures perception.  Because erotic entrancement combines *the powers of trance* with *sensually arousing delights*, the effects and effectiveness of sensuous entrancement can skyrocket far above and beyond what either of its components can do for anybody.

Because you’re continuing to be so compliant to Me, I’ll tell you one of My secrets.  It truly turns Me on fire each wonderful time My entrancing skills, personality attributes, and sensual assets help someone more satisfyingly experience the world of safe, sane and mutually consensual pleasuring.

I’m very pleased you are so interested in and respectful about all this.  When they’re becoming entranced, some people feel like their whole body {or some parts of it} are comfortably heavier than usual.  Other folks report they felt even lighter than the tiniest feather floating freely on a gently calming breeze.  And some say some parts of them got all tingly as their trance continued.

After the entrancement is over, some people remember just about everything that happened and each word said.  There are also people who’ll forget almost and maybe all of what went on during their entrancing time.

Often after coming out of a mesmerizing trance, the entranced person is still more suggestible to the mesmerist for several minutes or more.
Still some people who’ve been entranced very deeply or more than once feel they’ve had two or more of all the sensations and experiences I’ve mentioned.

And these are only a few of the things which may happen to you!

As you are mesmerized more often, you’ll realize how entrancement feels for you.  you are a unique person.  And how you experience trance is something only you will ever fully know.

Femdom entrancement is a special kind of sensual eroticism.  And when it’s done properly and it’s really and truly the right thing for you and the mesmerist, the enjoyment both *partners* in entrancing domination will receive is indescribably out of this mundane world!

Yes, I said you and anyone who you allow to dominate you are partners.  Like the tango, it takes two of you.  And also like dancing, each partner must know and work well with their partner.

In hott!-domination, there’s the hopefully well-balanced, considerate, experienced, observant, ethical person who wants to feel the powerful thrill of being in charge in such an intimate realm.  And there’s the appropriately respectful, self-aware, genuine individual who wants to revel in the joys of submissiveness by consciously and willingly surrendering some amount of control for an agreed upon period of time.

My devoted subbie, I seriously doubt anyone can completely tell you all the things that may happen as you participate in your entrancing domination experience(s).  Since you did ask Me so courteously, I will tell you a few things you should know.

What will take place in this kind of relationship is related to such things as the personal preferences of you the subbie and the hypnodom/Me.
As trust builds between you and your hott!-dom, healthy experimentation often occurs.

As this safely, sanely, and consensually continues, you may discover that some things you never would have considered before, now may be surprisingly appealing to you. I’ve enjoyably witnessed and shared in this evolution many times.

Femdom  entrancement is not about anyone abusing, taking advantage of, or wrongfully influencing you.

Being an entranced submissive does not mean you are ever required to be a mindless doormat, punching bag, or target for some self-proclaimed dominant’s personality quirks, or psychological issues.

The hott!-domination relationship should never involve any instance or degree of immoral/unethical behavior or illegal activity by either party.

Any so-called dominant who ignores your limits or tries to pressure you into changing them is not the right dominant mesmerist for you.

Any professed hypnodom/Me who’s afraid of or angry with you because you belong to some particular group, or wants to punish you because you have a characteristic that dominant doesn’t like (for example if the dom/Me doesn’t like left-handed auto mechanics), then no matter what that person says, does, promises you, or looks like here’s what’s best for you:


P.S.  Here are two web pages that give you lots of valuable info on traditional forms of entrancement and on sensual mesmerizing practices.

Krystal Mesmer Wonderism FAQ    Why am I suggesting you go to someone else’s website?  Because I strongly feel knowing what either or both of these Worthwhile Women has to say will help you greatly. After you read the information on either or both of these websites, you know you should graciously thank that site’s owner for what She’s done for you.

Mesmerizing you always,

Refunds/Lost Recordings

Normally NO refunds, UNLESS a problem is clearly our fault as described below:

* Submit your refund request WITHIN SEVEN CALENDAR DAYS of your receipt or download of the recording.

* If the recording was sent damaged, we will first offer to correct or re-send it, or one of similar value. (Recordings that plays correctly on any 2 major Windows based media players are considered undamaged)


* Sound quality is usually excellent. Minor flaws are NOT considered damage, only significant or widespread flaws are.


Refunds are at our sole discretion. We will attempt prompt refunds but may take up to 30 days.

Attempted fraud, copyright or property right violations, etc, will be met with all available legal methods

Give reasonable evidence you bought any recording(s) & we’ll replace them for a small fee. Minimum $10(1-2 recordings). Mail your request to webworker@goddessmarquesa.com  .  Once approved, you may pay the fee here: Recording Replacement Fee (ONLY after pre-approval).


Those “buy a card” things do NOT work. And PayPal does not like to do transactions with adult businesses.

Here’s what you CAN do.


**And when you order wonderizing recordings BY PHONE, you will speak with Me 1 – on – 1 … you lucky little toy boy!

CALL – 714-840-8341
Call anytime between 8am – 12 midnight – 7 days a week!

If you’re eager to contact Me personally and willing to directly give Me your credit card info, I’ll successfully, SECURELY process your request, in a snap!

Also, if you live in a country credit card companies consider high risk, I can process you too!

All you need is a credit card with official logo on it.

NOTE: your credit card information will only be used for buying My wonderizm recordings, products, and services you specifically select or for you to knowingly and willingly send Me a gift or tribute.

2. Gift Certificates: Send Me an ONLINE GIFT CERTIFICATE in the amount of recording(s) price using this linkhttp://www.amazon.com/gp/gc

You MUST include your name and email address when sending the gift certificate. WRITE NOTHING ELSE ON THE AMAZON FORM..

You MUST PERSONALLY send me an email specifying which recordings you would like to download. SEND GIFT CERTIFICATE TO – Hypnodomme@goddessmarquesa.com

3. CoinStar: Yes, CoinStar. Turn your pocket change into wonderism!

Go to any CoinStar machine at your local market or convenience store. Follow the easy steps:

  • Select Gift Cards and eCertificates from the main menu
  • Select Amazon.com online Gift Certificates
  • Pour in your coins
  • In just minutes, you’ll receive your fully-loaded eCert right from the machine

Then send Goddess Marquesa an e-mail. Tell Her the amount and the ID number for the Amazon.com online Gift Certificate, and tell Her you want to use the money to buy something from Her.

4. Snail Mail: Use the order form below and either Snail Mail your purchase order with a money order MADE OUT TO CASH. OR – Snail Mail your purchase order with CASH.

You must send me an e-mail informing me of your snail-mail order.

NOTE! I do not take personal checks.

Mail your payment and recording desires by SNAIL MAIL ADDRESSED EXACTLY AS I HAVE BELOW :

Emerald Eyes
1077 E. Pacific Coast Highway #145
Seal Beach, Ca. 90740

This option takes awhile because the mail has to be forwarded to Goddess Marquesa. You MUST include your e-mail address, and set up an account on Her website using that e-mail address.

Order Form
I , the Undersigned, hereby declare under the penalty of perjury as follows: I am an adult person at least 21 years of age. I am purchasing sexually oriented material for private and personal use. I understand this material cannot be used for resale or any other commercial dissemination. I promise that I will not furnish this material to minors. I also understand that these materials are for entertainment purposes only. I further certify that I am not a city, county, state or federal employee or representative involved in any form of entrapment, and that the material that I have ordered does not violate any state, local, city or county ordinances or laws.

____________________________________ SIGNATURE

____________________________________ DATE




STATE:__________________ ZIP:_______________

EMAIL ADDRESS: (OPTIONAL)__________________

PHONE NUMBER: (OPTIONAL)__________________

Item / Price

__________________________________________ _______

__________________________________________ _______

__________________________________________ _______

__________________________________________ _______

__________________________________________ _______

__________________________________________ _______

Total ____________

There are 3 common reasons for this:

  1. You MUST use the BILLING ADDRESS of your CREDIT Card (as your online profile address)
  2. You MUST spell your full address correctly
  3. If you are from outside the USA, our credit card processor may block you if your country has a lot of credit card fraud. See below for alternative payments



Listen up, my horny boy toy:

If you dwell in Hungary, South Africa, and several other countries, you MUST DO THIS to get your hands on My hot-blooded, hedonistic Audios and/or Videos: (see also Alternate Payments)

  1. you CAN ONLY PURCHASE downloadable versions of My video or audio Recordings.
  2. If you purchase your desired recording(s) by mail, include an additional $5.00 [US currency only] for processing your order. My address is: 4712 ADMIRALTY WAY #402 MARINA DEL REY, CA. 90292   ALSO send me an email to let me know the snail-mail is coming
  3. you can courteously call me directly at 562-498-9318 and plead with Me to get My audio(s) and/or video(s) you hunger for. you CAN ONLY USE MasterCard or Visa credit cards to make your request over the phone. Include an additional $10.00 [US currency only] per order for processing your request.

If you have any questions, concisely and worshipfully email Me at hypnodomme@goddessmarquesa.com

The FASTEST way is to download right when you make the order. If you have an account with the site, your links will appear when you click to go to the “My Account” section fo the site. Underneath the name of each file you will see a link to download your media.

The second fastest way is that you should receive an e-mail confirming your purchase. In that e-mail are download links for the files you have purchased. Just click on those links, or copy them to your browser, and you can download them that way.

The download links are good for 72 hours. So if you don’t get a confirmation e-mail, or if you have trouble with the link, please contact Goddess Marquesa’s site at webworker@goddessmarquesa.com , or use the link for “Contact Us” on Her website, and we, Her tech slaves, will see what we can do to fix things up.

This can happen for any one of several reasons. Did you check the spelling of your e-mail address when you entered it? (You’d be amazed how many people misspell their own names, or write htomail.com or yahooc.om or many other typos.)

And alas, we are still having trouble with some e-mail addresses on sbcglobal, prodigy, and other related sites. If you’ve carefully put in your e-mail address, but never seem to hear from goddessmarquesa.com, you might want to consider getting an address on Yahoo or someplace similar, “just” for Goddess Marquesa!

Also there’s another problem… spam blockers. If you’re on AOL, Yahoo, SBCglobal, or any of many other e-mail services, they have e-mail filters that block certain words and phrases, certain e-mail addresses, mailings that go out to a lot of recipients (like the newsletters)… well, just about anything that somebody THINKS you might not want to see.

we get bounced e-mails all the time. And sometimes, your important e-mail may be in your “spam” folder or your “bulk” folder. You should check those from time to time, to be sure!

One thing you CAN do, is add hypnodomme@goddessmarquesa.com to your “white list.” That is, the list of addresses you’ll always accept e-mail from. How to do that is different for each e-mail service. But one SIMPLE way is to add hypnodomme@goddessmarquesa.com to your address list. Like a friend. Like a best buddy. Isn’t your Mistress on your e-mail address list? Maybe She SHOULD be! Don’t you want to get EVERY one of Her seductive, wonderific words?

And if you try to download one of Goddess Marquesa’s sleepy, arousing trances, and something doesn’t work… who are you gonna call? You’re going to click on the “Contact Us” link on Her site. (Guess where your questions go…) Or you’re going to write to us directly, Goddess Marquesa and Her team of Internet slaves at webworker@goddessmarquesa.com .
And we’re going to do everything we can to solve your problem! But… if we can’t send you a response by e-mail, because Her address is being blocked… just how are we going to make Mistress happy? Because She WANTS us to fix it. She wants us to serve Her, by serving you!

So make Mistress happy. Help _us_ make Her happy, by making things work for Her… and therefore for you! Put hypnodomme@goddessmarquesa.com in your address book, on your white list — anything you can do to make sure Her messages can get to your spinning, wonderized, sleepy eyes!

Just think — if Goddess Marquesa is happy, She might set the vibrators on Level 5 tonight, while we work for Her, and the expansion of Her Queendom. Humming and humming… making us throb with pleasure at every keystroke. Click… click… click… ohhhhhhhhh, yessss!

You have no idea how much we want to make you happy… because it makes Goddess Marquesa happy!

We’re looking for a way to fix that. Meantime, what seems to work pretty well is something like this format, putting the city in address line 2 and the county or district in as the city:

Billing Address:
First Name: Slaveboi A
Last Name: Follower
Address: 27 Slave Lane
Address (line 2): Slavesbury
City: Slavingham
Zip/Postal code: S27 44DD
Country: United Kingdom (Great Britain)

Privacy Policy

GoddessMarquesa.com Privacy Policy

Commitment To Privacy
We take your privacy seriously. This notice describes our policy.

The Information We Collect
This notice applies to all information collected or submitted on goddessmarquesa.com website. On some pages, you can create a login account to eventually order products. The personal information collected at these pages is:

Name   Password   Billing Address   Email address (optionally)   Phone number

For online purchases you also enter a credit card number. We don’t store that number, it is sent to GTBill for processing. (In some cases we save the last 4 digits ONLY)

The Way We Use Information
We use this information solely to complete your order, ensure proper payment and shipment. We will not release it unless required to by law, court order, or to help you with any concerns. Changes to our policy are possible in the future, if so, they will be posted on this page.

Our Commitment To Data Security
To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

How You Can Access Or Correct Your Information
You may correct or delete your name, password, billing address, and phone at any time.

If you forget your password it can be mailed to the email address we have on file for you.

To protect your privacy and security, we require you enter your password before granting access or making corrections.

How To Contact Us
Should you have questions or concerns about these privacy policies, please send us an email at hypnodomme@goddessmarquesa.com

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