Yule Goddess

            Have you noticed your need for Me growing in recent days, pet? Of course you have. As the Winter Solstice approaches, you find that your sexual, psychological, and spiritual yearning for Me grows more intense. The Solstice is My Sacred Day. Its advent is My Sacred Season. As the world enters dark hypnotic sleep, you fall ever more deeply under My Power.

            It has been this way since time immemorial. The people of ancient Japan fell to their knees in this season to beg for My return as Amaterasu. The Romans practiced secret rites to Me as Bona Dea. The Hopi people worshiped Me on the Solstice as the Hawk Maiden.

            Your body feels the ancient call. The ache. The desperate craving. Your balls swell. Your blood races. Your cock springs erect without rhyme or reason. I infiltrate your mind while you are sitting at your desk at work, or chatting with friends over coffee. In the middle of the day, night falls and I am there, the Dark Goddess of your dreams.

            Don’t be frightened, pet. As the ancients knew, I am a Goddess of terrible Power, but bountiful Mercy. The only thing you need to do about these feelings is surrender to them. Surrender to Me.

            ‘Tis the season, pet. Call Me. I will show you why the ancients trembled at My feet. Don’t wait. There is no need to suffer……much.

           Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…….

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Goddess Marquesa

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