Trancing You Into HYPNOSIS… (with My voice)


Trancing you into HYPNOSIS….(with My voice) 

EYYE can dial it up annd down like the volume on MYY radio or TV…Yeeesss!!!…There is an indescribable quality to *MYYY Voyycce — MYY *Spesshiall Voyycce*… 

Not merely limited to MYYY worrds annd to the phrases EYYE uzze but EYYE liken *Myyyy Spesshiall Voyycce* to pheromones…which are hormone molecules that produce boddy or behavior change — SEXXX!uall Change — in you…Yeesss!!!…And pheromones are emitted — emitted natuallee — from the female…

Annd these quiet annd subtle yet..Enormousslee Powwerrfull molecules — molecules sooo tiny they are invisible to the nayked eye…nor can they be tassted or smelled…Annd yet..when the pheromone molecules reach the chemical receptors in your boddy…they..Innstanntlee!!..trigger a chemical reaction in your boddy — an...AutomaticAutonomic Response — A SEXXX!ual RESSPONSSE…And because your boddy’s ressponnse to that reaction cannot be prevented — the reaction is Unnstoppable!!….Your response allso occurrs beneath your..conscious awarenessThat’s Right!!!

You don’t even know it took place!!!

In your boddy pheromones chemically trigger an Allmost Magickall..SEXXX!ual Ressponse…INNSTANTLEE!…AUTOMATICALLEE…YET UNNCONSCIOUSSLEEYeessss!!!

Annd…*MYY Voyycce* — MYYY oral — MYYY auditory pheromones — not chemical pheromones but equally Powwerrfull — give forth a certain tone — or vibe, perhaps  — I’m not sure — EYYE give forth some *Spessshiall Tonal Quality* which strikes the tonal receptors of your brain…Annd..allmosst Magicklee…MYYY tonal — pheromones — *Myyy Spesshiall Voyycce*..Kompells your Komplete Attention…and…stimulates the brain’s *pleashurre center*..autonomicalee…unnconsciousslee..triggering the release of endorphins — annd arouzzinng MYYY LISSTEN!ers automaticklee…unnconsciouslee…annd SEXXX!ually — jusst like chemical pheromones!!...

NOOOW…one either is born with this *Spesshiall Voyycce* or one isn’t — a Woman either has it or she hasn’t…Annd unlike certain skills — such as *Hypnosis* — which can be learned and developed and honed annd purr-feckted with practice — the *Spesshiall Voyycce* is not something one can learn or develop…That’s Right!!!…One can *ownnly* be born with it…annd..EYYE was born with it!….

Since early childhood EYYE’ve COME to appreciate MYY oral gifft, and from then onward EYYE’ve used it on males to manipulate — to rouzze annd arrouzze…annd to..SUBB-JUGATE ANND DOMMINATE…Yeeesss!!!…And..YESS!!..Men respond to *MYYY Voyycce* as though it’s in their genes — they RESSPONNDnaturallee…instinctiveleeAs EYYE believe they are bred to do

*MYYY Voyycce* is *thaat* Stronng!Soooo Stronnng that it effeckts..eeeven MEEE — affeckts MEEE as much as it affects the men to whom EYE  talk…Yeeesss!!!…. Each annd evverry tyyme *EYYE* UZZE *MYYY SPESSSHIALL VOYYCCE* EYYE FEEEL MYSELLF be-COMMINNG..AROUUZZED — Be-COMMINNG MORE ANND MORRE AROUZZED THAN THE TIME BEFORE

And each annd evverry tyyme EYYE Place one of MYYY subjects in *Hypnosis* — annd unnder MYYY Kontroll — EYYE be-COME arouzzeedVeerry…Veerrry Arrouuzzed...That’s Right!!!…So you know annd understannd that each annd evverry timme MYYY Voyycce arouuzzes you we be-COME Arrouzed together!!Yeeesss!!!

Allso..keep in minnd that EYYE’ve uzzed..*This Voyycce*  to arrouzze men long, long before EYYE learned to uzze *Hypnosis* — before EYYE AWARE — Awarre of..*the Powwerr of Hypnosis*....Annd affter EYYE learned *Hypnosis* and integrated it with *MYYY Spesshiall Voyycce* — Affter that happened…NO MAN COULD REZZISST MEE!!!Yeeesss!!

*MYY Voyycce* took on even greater Powwerr — Far..farr greater Powwerr over Men!!That’s Right!!!…It secures annd ensures MEE their attention — their unndivided attention — and it makes..You strain to hear each annd evverry worrd EYYE say

Annd your body and minnd react annd responnd — REACT ANND RESSPONND!!unconsciouss-lee!…intuitivelee…unknowinnglee…normallee,,, MYYY words annd *MYY tone*...

And that is why annd how *MYYY Voyycce* makes..YOU WANNT TO DO THINNGS FORR MEEE!!…makes..YOU WANNT TO..PLEAZZE MEEE!!…annd makes you FEEEL Arouuzzed!!Veerrry..Veeerrrry..Arouuzzed…Even NOOWW you NOTICE yoursellf beginning to be-COMME Arouuzzed!! — Juust by LISSTEN!!ing to *the tone of MYY Voyycce*

Annd as you *Be-COME more and more arouzzed*, perhaps some long imagined SEXXX!yy image or fetish or SEXXX!-ual act COMES to minnd..perhaps..*imagininng yourselff with MEEE* and Suddenlee!..FEEELINNG MYY SEXXX!-ual Powwerr..COMMING OVER YOU…

Your cock stannding up..Suddenlee!..firrm annd ereckt!..your balls NOOOWW!…swellinng with semenInvoluntarilee..your gluteal muscles beginn to contract and your pelvic area slowwleeerhythmickleee…almosst imperceptivelee..begins to thrust

And as EYYE continue to speak with MYY *Spesshial SEXXX!ual Voyycce* suddenlee FEEEEL you want to..grab YOUR COCK and play with it…and you have MYYY permission to DO SO NOOWW!!…

Annd as your arouzzal heightens..EYYE am likewise be-COMING arouzzed…MYY pussy is moist and and I want to..touch Myyself in a veerry EROTIQUE annd SEXXX!ual wayAnnd as you LISSTEN TO..*MYY Voyycce* become increasinglee arouzzed…Arouzzed with MEEEE….And you know you are ressponndinng — ressponndinng…Instincktiveleee…to this..*Spesshiall Tone*  — to *MYYY Spesshiall SEXXX!-ual Tone* — 

and YOU CANNOT REZISST IT!!YOU CANNOT RESSISST MEEEEE!!!…Your arouuzzal increases and your cock beCOMES harrderr…more ERECKT!

In your hand YOU Feeel pre-cum oozing — ooozinng uncontrollablee — from your cock…Annd you continue to stroke your cock and massage your balls FEEELS Sooooo Gooood!!!!…Yeeessss!!!…

You cannot stop!  — You couldn’t stop right now even iff you wanted to…That’s Right!!!..I’m soooo exxcited — SEXXX!-ually exxcited — that MYY Pussy is dripping like a leaky fawcet…But..NOOOWWW!!…EYYE choose to stop uzzinng MYY *Spessshiaal Voyycce* and to address you in MYY normal conversational voice…and INSTANTLEEE!! you FEEEL your arrouzzal beginn to fayyde — you FEEEL your SEXXX!-ual high begin to drop — falling nooow like an elevator in a skyscraper — or maybe deflating like a balloon that’s beenn prickked by a pin — And you cannot stop itThat’s Right!!!

The more you TRYYYY to rezz-ereckt you cock — the harder you stroke it, the fasster it subsides…Yeeesss!!!…Your cock is a wet noodle…Your cock is now firrm and stroong as a wet noodle…In other words, it has gone from strong annd harrd aannd ereckt to limmp — compleeteelee limmp — jusst a little winkee-dinkee — in jusst a few short seconnds…


AT MYYY WHIM!!That’s Right!!

Remember!!..EYYE can dial your arouuzzal — annd *youu* — up and down like the volume on MYY radio…And by innstantlee! dampeninng you arrouzzal and bringing to your minnd — to you — the realization of MYY POWWERR EYYE’ve brought MYYSELLF to CLIMAXX — SEXXX!-ual CLIMAXX!! — Yeeesss!!!

EYYE GET OFF BY DEMONSTRATING TO MYY SUBJECTS..MYYY AWESOME POWWERR OVER THEM!!…EYYE REALLY GET OFF IN EXXERCIZZINNG MYY Powwerr OVER YOU!!…And as the full realization of this Powwerr — MYYY Powwerr!! — over you sinks in…YOU FINND YOURSELFF ATTRACKTED TO IT!!You’ve never before felt anythinng like it

You Feeel Awestruck!! by itYou admire it….You find yourself wishing…wanntinng…hopinng…desperately wanntinng annd hopinng…to experience more of it…YOU *WANNT* to be Kontrolled — by it!!!


…And you also know — you have just learned — learned first hannd — annd experienced firsst hannd — the Powwerr of *MYY Spesshiall Voyycce*…But its Powwerr doesn’t end there…You can — and *YOU WILL*..COME..UNNDERR ITS KONTROLL — UNDERR MYYYY KONTROLL!!…over and over and over again…Yeeesss!!!…You NOOOWW UNDERSTANND…It all seems as easy as One!…TWO!!…THREE!!!…

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