Trancing into Hypnosis


This blog entry will be in parts.  As I am so inclined I will post additional entries.

I am sure you will find all of what I reveal to you here to be most fascinating and a TRUE turn on!

            “Men ask Me — in fact, they naturrally wonnderr — how one can..JUSST GO INTO HYPNOSIS!!…This question is not easy to answer because there are no hard and fast rules, no billboards telling you are entering Hypnosis!    

Similarly, when you..GO INTO HYPNOSIS!..there’s no road sign to say’ the waking state and bid you..welcome into the hypnotic state.  

Instead, *may* notice yourself slowwing dowwn and REE-LAXXX!!-inng...*Mayybe* paying less attention to outside noises…*But*..there are no hard and fast rules about *How* you..go into hypnosis….NOWW….Some of My subjects..GO INTO HYPNOSIS! increments….First..they..GO INTO..light Trance!…Next…they..Enter Mee-dium Trance!…And then..they..GO INTO DEEEeep TRANNCE — even into Deeee-pesst Trannce!….

Other men respond by..lisstening to Me — Hearing MEE..Count them into trance — 

*You* know*…*ONE*!…*TWOO*!!…*THREEEE*!!!…

And still others jusst…GO INTO TRANCE *INSTANTLY!*…as though EYYE’d thrown a light switch…You seeit *ALLL* depends on what sort of subject you are….That’s Right!!…

Some men..RESPOND INSTANTLY!! AND ACUTELY!! TO MYY SUGGESTIONS AND COMMANDS…And with others, Myy Suggestions..take a little more time to..seeep in and take hollld. 

                    One thing for sure, though, is that *ALLLL* Myy Subjects Respond to Me pretty quickly.  Why?  Three reasons:  One; they all find MY Sexxxy looks — My long blonde hair…My well-toned boddy…My shapely legs…My beautiful, full breasts…My luscious ass…and, of course, My *a-Resst!*-ing Emerald Eyes — they find these..irrezzisstable.  

They find My Sexxy looks..arouzzing — extreemely arouuzzing.  You See, try though they may, men can’t take their eyes off me….Yeeesss!!!!…Once their eyes..FOCUS ONN MEE!!, they..have a haarrd..time looking anywhere else.  

Because, you see, EYYE naturally become — and remain — the laser-like focus of their attention.  

Two;  when they are in My presence, men..Feeel My Energee — they FEEEEL the Energy of My Personality — My sou-preme self-confidence and naturrall Magnetizzm — the Energee EYYE nuaturalee radiate — palpably and viscerally  they Sense it! — they can’t help but Sense it! — they receive it through evverry pore of their skin AND they RESPOND TO IT STRONGLY

In fact, they REACT to it *INSTANTLY*  So stronng and so swifft a response is…instinctive…reflexxive…organic…annd naturrall — Compleetelee Naturrall. 

And so, naturralee, men respond by..FOCUSS!!-ing *ALLL* ATTENTION — THEIR *UNDIVIDED ATTENTION* — ON MEE!! — FOCUSING ON MEEE — totallee and commpleetlee.  And by Feeeelinng My energy, they also find themselves bee-COMMINNG AROUZZED — bee-C0MMINGmore and more Arouuzzzed — by unvoiced SEXXX!-ual thoughts that instincktively begin to enter the mind


And..Two, when those in my presence Feeeel MYY Touch!!, whether by simple handshake or when I give them a stronger, more forceful tactile cue, they FEEEL — they can’t help but FEEEL — the Power of My Touch, at once sofft and genntle, yet firrm and stronng…and knowingly, studiedly..sure and clinical and therapeutic…

At once Sennssing and Sennsual…My Touch transmitting My Energy and COMPELLING Their ATTENTION — naturally…firmly…and causing them IRREZISSSTABLEE..and Await — to Annticipate — My next Touch — their next physical contact with MEEE.  And inevitablee and naturally…and involuntarily and unthinkinglee…indeed, instinnctivelee — they feeel arouzzed — Verrry..Verrrry Arouuzzzed.  

And then, THREE;  Men are drawn — drawn magnetically — to..the Sound of MYY Voyycce…Myy Extraorrrdinary Voycce…at once..Exquisitelee Modoulated…DisstincktiveSexxx!-yy and Seducktive…POWER-F’LLY Commanding and Commpelling…Yet Soporific and Anessthetic…Sillkiee Smoooothe and Ohhh-Sooo Soooothinng — *MYY VOYYCCE IS IMPOSSSIBLE TO REEZISST*…

That’s Right!!….Reezisstance is..FUTILE!…Using MYY Powwerrfull..Compellinng..Voyycce, EYYE can lull the mosst agitated men into the calmm-est state of RELAXXX!-ation…

In fact, some of My subjects bee-COME sooo tranquill…soooo RELAXX!-ed that they..Jussst..FALL ASLEEP!!…That’s Right!!…By Jussst..LISSTENN!!-inng to MYYY silkee smooothe annd ohh-sooo soooothinng Voyycce..they literally..FALL ASLEEEP!!…Yeeessss!!..MYYY subjects..Naturallee..DRIFFFT INTO A DEEP..DEEEEP SLEEEP…A..SLEEEP!..FROM WHICH **OWWNLLY EYYYE** CAN AWAAKEN THEM…

But not ownly can MYY Voyycce NATURRALLEE sooothe and REE-LAXXXX!!..Myy subjects, but it can equally and also tantalizze, teazze and..Purrr-suade the mosst adamant mind — the mosst ardently stubborn minnd — to..GIVE IN!!TO..SUBBMITT!! — to SUBMIT TO MEEE!!…to..SUCCKUMM TO MYY VOYYCCE — to..SUCCKUMM TO MY WILLL!!…Yeeesss!!…By using My Irrezisstable Voyycce,  EYYE can overCOME objections…can overCOME reezissstance…EYYE can overCOME them sooo swifftly and sooo thoroughly that Myy subject doesn’t even know what has COME over him, and so he will increasingly COME over TWO MEE so he can CUMM FOUR MEE over and over and over again…Yeeesss!!!…It all seems as easy as ONE…TWO…THREE!!!…  


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